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From Shawarma to Howard the Duck, Marvel movies have the consistency of having memorable post-credits scenes. Though Disney's newest film, Big Hero 6, has no connection to the Marvel Universe of DIsney or Fox, it too has a post-credits scene. I dare say it may even be just as epic as the Shawarma scene from The Avengers.

In the movie, the unhygienic but wealthy character Fred (played by T.J. Miller) is shown to have absent parents. When the main characters arrive at Fred's mansion, a portrait is shown of T.J.'s mother and father, his father bearing a striking resemblance to Stan Lee. It's a cute little reference, but it was only the tip of the awesome iceberg.

Earlier in the film, Fred states that he wears the same pair of underpants for days without changing them. He says something along the lines of ""I wear 'em front, I wear 'em back, I go inside-out, then front, then back." Now, this may sound gross and childish to some, but in my opinion, it was played out well in the film; it fit the character and was really no grosser than the joke about all men eating boogers in [Frozen](movie:411685).

Now here comes the good part: after all is said and done and the credits roll, Fred is shown back at his mansion wishing his father was there. He then accidentally activates a hidden passage way to a room with several spandex outfits. It turns out that Fred's dad was once a superhero too. And then...the big man himself arrives.

Yes, Fred's father arrives, and better yet, is voiced by Stan Lee himself. "I wear 'em front, I wear 'em back, I go inside-out, then front, then back" he says with Fred about his spandex. The two embrace and the scene ends with one last credit. Something like: "And Stan Lee as the voice of Fred's dad."

There are way too many words to describe this scene: touching, funny, surprising, epic and memorable are only a few. I was actually shocked to see a full-out cameo by Stan Lee. I know he has appeared in other non-MCU films like Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Fantastic Four, but this was much more epic. Plus, after seeing him in the portrait, I thought that it would be the only mention of him.

If you're a Marvel fan and plan on bringing friends to see [Big Hero 6](movie:425271), I highly recommend staying after the credits with them. I doubt you'll be disappointed.


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