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Final Fantasy fans are surely losing their minds over the look of Square Enix's Final Fantasy 15! Each piece of news and the new clips of how the game is coming along are deepening are anticipation for a game that is setting out to transform the Final Fantasy series. The latest reveal for the game came in their new video stream, which has recently received english subtitles. If you haven't seen this clip, you've got to check it out below!!

The game is certainly developing, not only developing itself well, but also the Final Fantasy system. Its turn based system is being transmuted into a far more action based style of gameplay, which I wonder how fans feel about. I for one feel that the new style of action is far more suited to the ever quickening pace of the narratives in Final Fantasy titles. And now we have a huge expansive world to explore in Final Fantasy 15! It seems that Square Enix may just increase the series' following when this game comes out for Xbox One and PS4, (hopefully) in 2015.

Skyrim Meets Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15

So, though the clip has been out for a while now, I haven't had a chance to really dive into it and examine the intricate details that have been altered in comparison to previous titles. What were fans thoughts on the video? Do you like how Final Fantasy 15 is looking, or do you miss the style of the old games?

Now, naturally this new video was released in order to demonstrate the vast expanses of the world that Square Enix created. Enemy locations and such were removed in order to give the players just a sense of the scale of the world, as opposed to a look at the game running in its usual form.

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Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15

The video starts with the characters in a car, driving through the world. They show off an incredibly detailed petrol station to their right, where the player can rest and gather information from other individuals inside the building. The car then pulls over and shows off how enormous this world is, where the player can travel as far as their eye can see.

It showed how the characters adapted to the environment as they navigated its varying landscape. The character even runs differently as he moves downhill! The player's companions even become tired after running, and attempt to escape pursuing beasts. Also, the design of the animals in the environment he explores are so wonderfully Japanese, and also enormous. The game's scale and exploration feels inspired by the likes of Skyrim, though its graphics are some of the best I've ever seen in a game.

Here is some additional information that followed the stream of the gameplay footage in which players had some questions for the team!

Question 1: Mr. Tabata said that battle is conducted by pressing the attack button and keeping it pressed, but what happens when you repeatedly tap the button instead?

Tabata: "So you want to repeatedly tap instead of keep pressed? When you repeatedly press the attack button, you can attack normally and execute combos. Sorry for the straight-forward answer."

"Depending on the timing of when you press the button, you can execute special moves like counters and parries."

"On the other hand, when keeping the button pressed, it is possible to conduct battle in a manner of reading your enemy's actions."

Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15

Question 2: Will Type-0 HD have a downloadable version? And will it include the FFXV demo?

Tabata: "Yes."

Question 3: What's with the UI [in the TGS demo]? We've been told that blocking requires MP or something to that manner, but there's no MP gauge.

Tabata: "The UI you've seen is a temporary UI. The UI in the playable demo will be the beta version.

"The reason there was no MP gauge in the previous demo was because at the time of TGS, there were no plans to actually show combat.

"In the full version, there will obviously be an MP gauge, and the menus will be in a more proper format."

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy

Question 4: Expected play time is [only] 40 hours? I'm worried.

Tabata: "The 40 hour play time is if you only pursue the main story. If you intend to fully explore places like the dungeons, it will take much longer."

Do you guys feel that this move towards an open world like adventure will be a bad move for the Final Fantasy games? Should it stick with what it's good at and not attempt to copy other successful franchises? Really, all I wanted from this article was to hear player's opinions on Final Fantasy 15 and how it looks.

Be sure to let me know in the comments!


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