BySam Hayes, writer at
Cautiously optimistic about future comic book movies.
Sam Hayes

According to TheWrap, DC and Warner Bros. are eyeing Academy Award winning actor Jared Leto for the role of The Joker in the upcoming David Ayer DC film, Suicide Squad.

My opinion on this casting choice: He is a phenomenal actor, who can definitely get into a role, and has experience with stranger roles. As long as his portrayal is completely isolated from Heath Ledger's, I don't think I would mind seeing this.

As for how Joker fits into the Suicide Squad: In this year's animated Assault on Arkham movie, we do see The Joker in a small role where he is messing with Harley Quinn inside Arkham Asylum. This would be a good way to introduce this new interpretation of the character until our unannounced solo Batman film.

All in all, I like this casting and if the rumor is true that WB wants him, I think he'll take them up on their offer.


What do you think of Jared Leto as The Joker?



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