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יעקב בריטמן

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. That title explains it all, right? With those small three words following the roman numerals, it tells us (the loyal viewers/fans), without even knowing the first three films, that destruction has been wrought across space…chaos has ensued the innocence of ignorance…death has caused those once optimistic to linger in the darkness, alone; only for it all to change with the introduction of Luke Skywalker. With this one, single, near too ignorant "child," hope is restored across the galaxy.

These stories that George Lucas created, are nothing short of masterful works of the imagination. And, as much as we love his ability to show an entirely made up galaxy (as far as we know), it's just about time someone else came out from the shadows of this phenomenal trilogy (because I'm only counting the originals) and construct an entirely new world for people to immerse themselves in.

That's not to downplay what Star Wars (SW) has done for its viewers; just the opposite, in fact. It's meant to say "you've done such an amazing job, that this virgin filmmaker over here who has great ideas is getting the confidence he needs by continually watching your movies over and over and over that he feels he can do what you did also." Take it as a compliment, SW. The fact is, as amazing as any film can be, or even any general idea, for that matter, no film can ever truly be timeless. But, maybe that's a good thing. If movies were, what point would there be for new filmmakers? New storytellers? Because SW was so amazing (and hopefully it will continue to be), it fueled and inspired so many young filmmakers of today's age…so much so, in fact, that even some of their very young children have already begun exploring new worlds in their own imagination.

SW has made movies better. SW has made the genre better. SW has made directors better. SW has made the future of our film industry better.


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