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We've seen plenty of Superhero films and we've seen some films where the villains get all the glory (mostly horror flicks) but never have we had a movie where you combine some of the best and famous villains in a single group. I've only recently learned of the Suicide Squad in various areas of DC and they're mostly through the Batman comics. This film aught to be an epic one but it must be tread carefully because it's something that hasn't been done before. I like a couple of the stories and always a pleasure to see Harley Quinn as the "lighthearted" chick of a darkened group of maniacs going on missions.

In order to even pull off a movie like this, you can't make each member of the Squad get short stints as a character, sure you need a leader (and we all know most likely Harley will steal the show) but each member needs a balance of timing and character development throughout. In other terms, the film let's the characters be their own bad ass in a unique way. Their style needs to flourish in order to understand the way they handle themselves in specific scenes or situations throughout the movie. Sure one or two may need to die to keep things flowing (King Shark anyone or Black Spider?).The sure fire of making a film with these types of villains isn't about if one or more characters of the Justice League stops them and it leads to another film (which would be a good storyline) but the conflict isn't them against a superhero team, it's how they interact then turn on each other so when a new film arises for say like a new Batman movie, it'll have another outlook to a story later on that makes a bigger impact on the Squad or whoever is left.

Lately it's been going on that the DC Universe is looking at Jared Leto as the new Joker which I can see a little of that in. I'm not saying he isn't good, he's an incredible actor and has accolades that goes beyond the Oscars but it takes more than great acting to play the greatest villain in Comics history. Jack Nicholson did pretty well, Heath Ledger hit a grand slam with the character so how are you going to fill those shoes. The Joker is iconic for a reason and even one slip and make the character not believable than you're looking at a death sentence as an actor. I personally don't see Leto in that type of role and it's very difficult to pick a great actor for that because Ledger took it to a level that is now timeless and beyond iconic. Another thing is bringing in Harley Quinn for the first time in a movie. Personally I believe Quinn upstages Joker in just about everything they're in together whether it's the comics or an animated film so in order to even balance that with a film based on a group of nutjobs of villains DC films would need to step up their game and bring a whole new realm of action, humor, dialogue, emotional interactions and even how they bring themselves to the very brink of their sanity as both individually and as a group. There are a few names who can play Harley Quinn I can think of and that's Amanda Syfried for one, damn good actress that has been in a few films where her dark side shows and she can play both innocent and nuts; Kirsten Dunst is another pick for me, she's an established actress with some pretty damn good movies on her belt and third would be Jamie King, she has that poise and a role like this would put her back in the spotlight. The character is pretty complex plus you have that voice that is just so annoying but beautiful at the same time that it fits who she is.

The film aught to be based on current members of the squad and maybe add in a couple of past members as background for Amanda Waller's posse. Current members include Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, Black Spider and El Diablo so each member aught to have their shot in the spotlight for a scene or two and then clash in one epic scene where they can turn on one another or the team feeds off each other and strikes into the heart of Waller for a set-up in another film that separates them for members of the Justice League. Amanda Waller is often seeing as a sadistic overweight woman in the government, sometimes is seeing a bit smaller and good looking however they end putting her it's important to realize that if you want to be that cold hearted of a bitch, you need some good acting chops. Queen Latifah would be a good choice for this role, she can pull off that hard nosed and in your face type character and at the same time have that killer look to where if you mess up you're done. Angela Bassett would be another actress to pull it off, she's a bad ass in some films and has that overpowering stare that you can't tell if she wants to kill you or use you. Lastly there aught to be an actress that has accomplished accolades because a newbie might be ok but in order to get into a character like Waller it takes prestige and a veteran.

I can't to see to see this movie come to fruition and seeing Harley Quinn in a film finally will be a sight to see. Let's get on the bandwagon and help get this film rolling.


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