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As I mentioned before that the shooting of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is to be continued in Chicago this November, it appears that it already is underway as Henry Cavill was spotted sporting his Superman suit during filming at Chicago’s Federal Plaza on Friday (November 7).

From the photos it is clear that the scene is about Superman (Henry Cavill) saving his beloved Lois Lane (Amy Adams) from some kind of danger (?!?). You can check them out below (Courtesy of Just Jared):

...and a video from Instagram user @mrxtreme

...and finally FOX 32 News Chicago coverage video:

The shooting will continue for several days this month at Chicago, so keep your eyes and ears open. For a more exciting part, Superman and Batman ARE coming face-to-face in one of these shootings and you can read about it in my previous entry.

So, are you excited yet? Please leave your comments below.

Source: Just Jared (via


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