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So we all have some TV shows we know damn well should have been getting some damn good viewer ratings but either didn't or aren't. I'm here to show you some shows that might have slipped past your spectacles in the past but finally come to your attention now.

First up I found a little gem called Wonderfalls

It was aired in 2004 and unfortunately only has one season to date but is still worthy of a watch. It stars Caroline Dhavernas as the plain Jane, Jaye Tyler. Jaye was working one day when BAM she discovered she could talk to inanimate objects. I know what you're thinking "This girl is bat crack crazy" and you would be wrong, although it does drive her crazy but not officially crazy. Lets just say she goes on some wild adventures and does what the objects tell her to do. She does all these while trying to stay detached and attached to the boy she likes. It's set mostly inside a gift shop in Niagara Falls (Hence the name Wonderfalls). If you're still unsure about watching the show then have a peekaboo at the trailer.

If a guy's heart being shot out of his chest at her, talking random objects and her general lovable nature haven't won you over then I don't know what will.

Time to dust off those eyelids and discover some Under Appreciated TV show's with me on a daily basis. I hope you've enough spare time to binge watch some great TV.

Check back tomorrow for another hidden gem.


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