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Hi, I'm Satan but please, call me Márcia instead.

Surely many of you have seen this painting one time or another, but did you know some people believe the painting to be cursed?

The Crying Boy is a painting created by Italian painter Bruno Amadio. The painting became so popular that it was mass-produced due to it's high demand.

It's said that Bruno painted lots of portraits of crying children, and (wouldn't you know it?) he painted many children from an orphanage in Spain, until, tragically, the orphanage burned down to a pile of ashes.

Nobody really made any fuss out of it at the time, but one day a Yorkshire firefighter called the Brittish newspaper "The Sun" claiming that homes that held the Crying Boy painting, or a similar painting had burned. It did not seem strange at the time given that the painting was very popular and hardly any home didn't have it hanging on their walls.

The first signs something was not quite right came when firefighters noticed that, when the paintings were found amidst the debris of the houses they tried to save, the Crying Boy paintings would be unharmed, not a single scratch, even though the house would have been completely destroyed.

Fires continued to happen, and Crying Boy paintings continued to NOT get burned. Some people tried to test the painting and throw it into fireplaces, only to see that they was no damage to the painting. Others absolutely refuse to hang the painting or any of it's variations in their homes.

Many questions remain, but one of the most asked is: Is she child crying for himself? Or for you?


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