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If you thought I was done with my Titans articles, well, you ended up being wrong because I have an almost unhealthy addiction with the Titans; be it through comics, TV shows, etc.

Da Rules/Terms & Conditions:

1.) There may or may not be profanity. You have been warned.

2.) I'm writing this article with The CW's Arrow & The Flash as well as CBS' Supergirl connected to TNT's Titans.

5.) Supergirl:

This one is a little more of a tough idea due to Supergirl getting her own series on CBS & Titans being on TNT. But, considering that Supergirl is a former Titan in the comics, it would be nice to, at least, see one outing with the Titans during either a single or 2 part episode. I think we could admit that having a single appearance in Titans would be a nice nod to the comics. I would like this cameo to be after both series premieres, too.

4.) The Outsiders:

Now, I would want Black Lightning, Geo-Force, Metamorpho, Thunder &/or Lightning, Freight Train & Katana. So, basically The Outsiders Vol 4 team but with some switches. I would definitely love to see the mass of the team debut on [The Flash](series:1068303) & Supergirl with the except of Katana due to her being attached to Arrow this current season. I believe The Outsiders could be the Suicide Squad for the Titans series; as the Suicide Squad is to [Arrow](series:720988), The Outsiders is to Titans. Maybe we could get a spin-off series for The Outsiders, but like the Suicide Squad, it would work better as a quick web series.

3.) Doom Patrol:

With the Titans series more than likely adding Beast Boy, having the Doom Patrol making a cameo wouldn't be too illogical. If you have been reading my other articles on the DCTVU, I have mentioned how I would like the Doom Patrol be The Flash version of the Suicide Squad. Just like my thoughts on The Outsiders, I would want Doom Patrol be the main side team in The Flash, but have a cameo in Titans. I would have Chief, Negative Man, Robotman & Elasti-Girl be the team.

2.) Black Lightning:

Let me explain... in my head, I would have The Outsiders be formed or recruit after Black Lightning makes a cameo in Titans. My big wish is to see the infamous stupid question in DC Comics, "Are you Static's father?" Come on, that was one of the funniest things in comics ever! Plus, Jefferson Pierce's reaction to the question is what I would love most! But, for this to happen, Static would need to be established in the series.

1.) Jason Todd/Red Hood:

I know that Jason is more of an anti-hero, but for the proposes of this universe, he would act like an anti-hero but praised by a majority of civilians. Out of heroes fans would want in the series, it seems that Jason is the most wanted considering that he really isn't & never really was a Titan in his comic life. So, having him be, what I want, the Deadshot of the series - where he's a reoccurring character throughout the show.

That's it! A quick little article about something that doesn't really matter. I got bored. If there is a hero(es) that you want to see in the [Teen Titans Series](series:2265361) & I didn't mention them here, let me know who you would like to see in the series down in the comments!


Who are you looking forward to the most?


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