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Movie addict and aspiring director.
Shadan Syed

The internet is a huge library of weird mash ups and this time the victim of this mash up craze of this year's most amazing movies Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

YouTuber - ChiefBrodyRules, posted this intentionally grainy "Captain America: Winter Soldier – VHS Trailer," imaging what Cap’s sequel would look like if it were crafted in the vein of RoboCop or The Terminator.

I actually lost track at the sheer number of glorious ‘80s action movies that are referenced in this clever clip. There’s RoboCop and the original Die Hard. Lethal Weapon and a few vintage Rambo movies made the cut. And, of course, actual footage from both Captain America: The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier -- only they are muddied up, on purpose, and given those cat-scratch effects that suggest a film print that has been left in a warehouse for too many years.


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