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By now,you have probably heard that there is going to be a third,and final movie to the Hobbit trilogy.Most are probably thinking "aww sweet,i'm going to go see it in theaters" but is it really worth seeing in the movie theaters???

The hobbit trilogy is based before the 'Lord of the rings trilogy' which has already been made/produced by Peter Jackson.The first hobbit movie was an epic success,with its exemplary story,and its detailed explanation of each character.But it was then followed,1 year later by the second hobbit 'The Desolation of smaug' that hit theaters on December 13th,2013.The second film was a good film but was not as good as the first one,but it did bring in a lot of money for the producers.Now,we wait,seeing commercials and trailers of this new movie planed to hit theaters December 17,2014.I know,we have to wait another month to see it,but its ok,you'll get to see it eventually.this movie seems awesome with Bilbo and the 13 dwarfs preparing to be in a gigantic battle of five armies: dwarfs,humans,elves,goblins and orcs.We already know that azog,a pale,angry looking fellow will be in the war and will have a huge impact on the story.

so,now that we have covered that,there is still one question still waiting to be this film worth being watched in theaters?


is the film 'The hobbit:battle of five armies'worth watching in theaters???


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