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I know we all cannot wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron, believe me, I'm one of those people, but I fear that Age of Ultron will overshadow Ant-Man and I really hope it doesn't.

I have no doubt that [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) will be epic, but I also want Ant-Man to be successful. There has been little news on Ant-Man lately but when there is, it seems very few people care. So I'm making it my job to get you guys pumped for Ant-Man. I want you guys to walk out of the theater after seeing Age of Ultron and say, "Damn! That was EPIC! Can't wait to see what Ant-Man will show us!"

To start I will briefly discuss about the origins of both Ant-Men, Hank Pym and Scott Lang.

Hank Pym

Hank Pym
Hank Pym

In my own words Hank Pym is one of the geniuses in the Marvel Universe. His intellect matches with Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Bruce Banner. In my opinion he's even smarter than Stark and Banner but what holds him back is the fact that he isn't mentally stable. He has some issues, mainly because of his creation of Ultron and he feels that every death caused by Ultron is a death he caused. He married Janet van Dyme who is the Wasp but they got divorced because Hank is also known for being a wife beater in one panel, but in my opinion he is a interesting character who is trying to move on but is conflicted with his past.

Scott Lang

Aside from having a cooler helmet, Scott Lang is a thief who is released from prison and finds a job at Stark industries but his paycheck isn't enough as his daughter becomes ill and has no money to save her. So in one of his heist he steals Hank Pym's [Ant-Man](movie:9048) suit to retrieve the doctor who is the only one capable of saving his daughter. Eventually his daughter is saved and Pym decides to let Scott keep the suit and play the hero of Ant-Man.

Oh and another thing about the both of them, they can both turn giant as well.

So those are the first 2 Ant-Men. Still not convinced? I understand why. I'm going to assume it's because famous cult director Edgar Wright left the project. Well don't worry because I'm going to try and change that.

Edgar Wright
Edgar Wright

So I've read some comments on articles with people saying, "I'm not going to see this movie because Edgar Wright left and it's gonna suck." So apparently the movies going to suck with Wright gone, which is quite ridiculous in my opinion. Yes, Wright is a good director but he isn't phenomenal. He is known for making indie films which do fairly good in theaters. But he left because he wanted the movie to go one way and Marvel wanted it to go another way. I'm not worried that he left. I think he and Marvel still left in good terms but Edgar Wright is known for basically doing whatever he wants in his film and Marvel studios has a map on how they like things to go in their films.

A good example would be with the Russo Brothers who directed the incredible Winter Soldier film. Marvel, in a nutshell, said that they like their pitch for the film but they want Shield to be gone by the end of the film and Hydra to rise. And it happened and it was beautiful but that was Marvel Studio's idea.

Now people are worried about Peyton Reed, but I'm not too worried. Marvel has picked great, relatively unknown directors to be in charge of these films and it's worked wonderfully. Peyton Reed will give it the comedic tone it needs and deliver the action.

What's that? You aren't pumped? Ok well let's talk about the main cast and characters.

Michael Douglas, one of Hollywoods finest actor, will be playing Hank Pym an old scientist who created the Ant-Man suit and is the founder of the company Pym Technologies.

That's Douglas on set and he looks pretty pissed. Looks like they're going for that cold, bitter side of Pym.

Now funny man, Paul Rudd will play "master thief" Scott Lang who will be Pym's new protege and help him land a heist to save the world.

Paul Rudd looks awesome! This is exactly how Scott Lang should look on film and I'm glad he does, I was skeptical at first if he was the right choice but now, I'm not worried. I have faith.

The beautiful Evangiline Lily will play Hope van Dyne, daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne.

Not much is known about the character but she does look like the Wasp with that hair style. Can't wait to see what she brings to the table.

And finally, we have Corey Stoll who will be playing the main antagonist, Darren Cross, who was once Pym's protege but eventually took over Pym's company and is steering it in the wrong direction.

Like Hope van Dyne, we don't know much about this character except for what is given, but I still can't wait to see what we'll see on screen.

Still not pumped? Tough crowd, how about I show you some set photo's of the film, that we all should've seen by now.

Hank Pym looking smooth
Hank Pym looking smooth
Hope saving her father on set
Hope saving her father on set
The title and Logo of Pym's company
The title and Logo of Pym's company

And there are several other awesome set photos but I think you want to see the suit. I saved the best for last. We all know how the Ant-Man suit is going to look thanks to the SDCC poster:


I think its beautiful. But something recently came out, and I'm pretty upset it didn't get the attention it deserves. Darren Cross is playing Yellowjacket. In the comics it was a title Pym had but they're changing it up for the films which is fine by me. In an interview, Corey Stoll said that the suit is, "more badass" "militaristic" and "more advanced" and "armored" than Ant-Mans suit. So if you haven't seen it, which you all should, here is Yellowjacket.

I think, we all think, that this is awesome. I prefer this armor over Ant-Man's and with the tendrils in his back he looks even more menacing.

I can't wait for Marvel to blow me away with Age of Ultron and then Ant-Man. Expect more things from Ant-Man, potentially a trailer before next year? Hopefully. Ant-Man comes out July 17, 2015.

Did I get you guys pumped? Are you excited? Let me know.


Are you guys excited for Ant-Man?


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