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Being the “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” he is, Tony Stark has a lot to be proud of, especially his knack for inventing things. But, even Iron Man himself would be put to shame by George Panteleon's latest and greatest creative endeavor: an Iron Man helmet entirely made of Legos! Inspired by the Arvos Brothers' Iron Man model, Panteleon "knew that this will be [his] ultimate Lego goal - to build [his] own version based on the Iron Man suit from the movies!"

Arvos Brothers Iron Man:

After spending a few years designing the visor and face with the Lego Digital Designer, it actually only took Panteleon a few months to physically complete the entire bust. As obviously amazing as the sculpture is, there are few details that make it exceptionally unique. Note that at first glance, you might not even realize that it is built from Legos due to its smoothness and uninterrupted curves. That's because something is noticeably missing, the Lego know...the ones that make you scream bloody murder when you step on them because it feels like you were just stabbed in the foot with a kitchen knife?

Anywho, in order to achieve the super sleek look, Panteleon utilized what is called the Studs Not On Top, or SNOT, Lego building technique. I personally couldn't wrap my mind around how you could go about doing that, so here's a video that explains the process!

What you also might not have realized is how many different angles the bust can be positioned in. I don't know about you, but my Lego creations were never that pliable. So, how did he do it? Being the meticulous perfectionist that he is, Panteleon designed the bust to break apart into four separate pieces complete with clips and hinges, making the different angles possible.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that his eyes glow?!

Now that he has finished up the head, George's next endeavor will be to create Iron Man's chest piece complete with the iconic glowing nuclear reactor.

Check out some of George Panteleon's other work below!

Spartan Helmet


C-3PO's Speeder Bike

Mini Batmobile

These are absolutely amazing! Especially considering that my greatest Lego creation probably looked something like this...

Comment below and let me know what's the coolest Lego creation you've ever seen!


Which is your favorite Panteleon creation?



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