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Ok, ok, I didn't actually commit a crime, unless you're a hard core [The Fault In Our Stars](movie:602185) fan, or John Green, but I'm new here, I had to catch your attention somehow. Anyway, I committed the most heinous sin any fandom could ever fathom: I watched the movie before I finished the book. Truth be told, I still haven't finished it, I'm only on chapter five and I started two weeks ago, and saw the movie last week. This leads me another confession, I looked up the synopsis of the movie on Wikipedia. Don't be too hard on me though, this is something I've grown accustomed to doing to avoid movies containing content I don't want to see.

Though, I have to say, this is one movie where I wish I'd just finished the book than take the shortcut. My only flimsy excuse is that I'm in the middle of a reading lull, and the dvd I currently have is from the library. Given the popularity of it and the book, I highly doubt I'll be able to renew it, let alone take it out again before next year.

Perhaps, I was a bit hesitant about The Fault in Our Stars because I knew the basic story--how could you not?--was about people with cancer, and my own dad happens to be a cancer survivor. In fact, I had the dvd two days before starting to watch it, and even then, I took two days to watch it. But I also wanted to see what all the hype was about, I also wanted to see if I could make it through without crying. Everyone who has read and/or seen the movie says, "Have a box of tissues." Even the librarian who checked me out told me to have tissues.

I can honestly say I didn't use a tissue...oh, wait a minute, I did. I didn't cry a bucket of tears, but, I did cry. The movie exceeded my expectations with its humor and poignancy. Laura Dern was excellent as Hazel Grace's mother, and the relationship between Hazel Grace and Gus, a rarity.

Perhaps it's just me, but I think it might even be Oscar worthy. What about you?


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