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Ulissius Prime

A Great movie to watch!! If your looking to laugh cry, feel lots of joy, remind yourself of your inner child & family love watch

I was watching Zach Braff Newest Movie. ‪#‎WishIWasHere‬ I Swear this guy makes great movies!! What him and his brother wrote!! was worth buying and watching all over.

I remember asking for donations when this came up!! I def payed my contributions!! Worth the watch!!

Nothing more like being reminded of your inner child!! The first five seconds of the movie! I laughed!! at the Ridiculousness!!

Incredible, clean movie. A reminder that through it all regardless of ones occupation, or life-style choice. A human being will always go back to the basics, find what truly means to you.

If your heart is not into it, maybe you shouldn't do it. Who cares about the risks take them for they pay off in the long run, even if it means being sunk in the eye ball with a human fist.

I loved everything about this movie. It was funny from the first few seconds I watched. I laughed, cried at the moments with Zachs Father. I cried even more at the end.

"Just for some reason when I see scenes that remind me of my child hood in movies I get a little emotional"

I would say worth the buy, if you got the time go to your nearest red box, download, amazon, get this movie. It will send a chill down your spine and a cheerful sunny warm feeling around your heart.


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