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Another great episode, another bombshell delivered!

With our heroes split apart, once again we are treated to a separate storyline for our heroes. This episode covers Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Tara, Maggie, and Glenn as they continue north towards Washington, DC. Since Eugene has to in DC to save the world, they have to continue on their trek to whatever remains of the nation’s capital. As the episode begins, they are riding in the church bus having somewhat a light-hearted moment discussing both Abraham and Eugene’s hairstyles. Rosita gets her first lines of the series and they firmly establish that she and Abraham are a couple. As we know in the world of The Walking Dead, moments like this are scarce, and are usually followed by something terrible. After driving past a group of Walkers, the engine on the bus blows and crashes on side on the road.

We are treated to a flashback for Abraham. He has killed four people for supplies in a supermarket. It can be assumed that this was before he met up with Rosita and Eugene and probably during the beginning of the apocalypse.

Back on the bus that was flipped on its side, the group is trying to get their bearings. Once everyone is confirmed as okay, they formulate a plan to escape from the bus and kill the Walkers outside before they are overcome. Eugene is left inside the bus so that they can kill the Walkers before letting him leave, because once again he is very important and must get to DC. Tara saves Eugene from a Walker that entered the bus (great guts-spilling makeup for this scene). Tara hands Eugene a knife so that he can defend himself. It’s clear that Eugene is not skilled in killing Walkers as he is stricken with fear. He finally manages to help Tara kill a Walker. Once they have dispatched with all the Walkers Abraham gets Rosita to check on Eugene as he is Abraham’s priority. Eugene then recommends that the group head back to Father Gabriel’s church, (it is only 15 miles away) but Abraham is adamant about heading to DC. At this point, the group (and the audience) starts to notice that Abraham’s dedication to the mission is bordering on an unhealthy obsession, yet they continue to follow his lead.

In the second flashback scene, Abraham continues to walk through the supermarket after killing the four people, and then he comes across his wife and children, who are afraid of him.

The group finds refuge in a bookstore in a nearby town where they go to settle in for the night. Rosita tries to heal a wound on Abraham’s hand and Tara boils toilet water for drinking purposes. Abraham and Glenn have a bonding moment while standing guard for the night. Abraham thanks Glenn for sticking around, because he and Maggie could have left him after the busy stopped working to rejoin with Rick’s group. Afterwards, Abraham retires to “go get some ass.” The next scene he and Rosita and having sex when she notices Eugene watching them, and this doesn’t seem to be the first time this has happened… weird. Tara catches Eugene watching the two of them, and he freely admits to watching it, and attempts to rationalize it. After Tara thanks him for helping her kill the Walker, he makes another admission: he sabotaged the bus. Although he doesn’t go into details for his reason for sabotaging the bus, he tells her he is worried about his value to the group should he not be able to stop the apocalypse. Tara tells him not to tell anyone else what he did and she will keep it a secret as well. After Eugene walks off, Tara also “peeps” at Abraham and Rosita having sex.

In the next flashback, Abraham’s wife and children are terrified of him because of what he did to those men and he seems to understand.

After debating whether the group should stay one more day in the town, Abraham tells them they are moving on. Glenn, Maggie, and Rosita think they should rest and get supplies, but after Abraham made up his mind Rosita follows. She’s definitely loyal to her man! When mentioned that they do not even have a car or water, Abraham points to a fire truck across the street which has transportation and water for them. After getting the fire truck started, they back it out of a building, which it turns out the truck was used as a “doorstop” for dozens of Walkers that were pinned inside. The group once again has to fight their way out of this. As they are hopelessly surrounded, Eugene climbs on top of the truck and uses the water cannon to spray high powered water at the Walkers already decayed bodies, obliterating them. For once Eugene is not the helpless scientist and saves the day.

The next flashback scene, Abraham wakes up inside the store (where his family has been camping out in for some time) to see that his wife and children have left. All he finds is a note that says “Don’t Try to Find Us.” It is clear that they are more afraid of him than the outside world.

The fire truck is no longer functioning and the group is stuck on the road once again. They then discover an unbearable smell. As they try and investigate where the smell is coming from, they see a gigantic “herd” of Walkers over the distance. There is no way around it and everyone knows this, except Abraham. Everyone is trying to rationalize to him that they cannot go forward. He then grabs Eugene and continues to try and go ahead. As the group tries to stop him, he becomes confrontational and is pushing them, almost coming to fist blows. At this point Eugene can no longer hold it in.

“I am not a scientist!!! I am not a scientist!!!”

This brings the group to a grinding halt. Eugene informs the group that although he is smart, he is no scientist, does not know how to save the world, and is a coward. He simply thought that if anywhere would be safe, it would be Washington, DC. So he conned his way to getting people to help him along the way. Abraham is furious at this point. Many people lost their lives protecting and helping him only to find out it was for nothing. Abraham proceeds to beat Eugene pretty bad. The group has to stop Abraham from killing Eugene. Abraham finally loses Rosita’s support as she steps in his way read to draw her gun. Abraham walks away before falling to his knees in defeat.

The final flashback scene is of Abraham as he leaves the supermarket to look for his family. He doesn’t have to look very far as he then sees their corpses as they have been eaten by Walkers. Now he is a defeated man and pulls out his gun to kill himself. Before he can pull the trigger, Eugene runs screaming for help as he is being chased by three Walkers. After Abraham saves him and walks off, Eugene tell him to stop because he needs his help: saving the world in DC.


Once again another top notch episode this season! This episode focused on the group of people that previously had the least development character-wise, and gave the audience a great deal of important information. Rosita previously was relegated to being a background character that did not even speak. This episode not only did she speak, but she had some character development and learned more about her. Abraham has become fully flushed out and the audience got to see his motivations much more clearly. He had a blind obsession with getting Eugene to Washington, because if he didn’t meet Eugene, he probably would have been dead from suicide. Eugene’s safety gave him a mission and a purpose to keep on living. Now that he knows that it was a lie, it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

That sex scene, wow! We know that AMC is a cable channel that is prone to have some curse words on it, but they previously did not display sex in such a graphic manner. It’s actually shocking that network censors allowed that scene to show on air as it did. Eugene watching Abraham and Rosita having sex was also creepy. But in the world of The Walking Dead, one doesn’t have but so much privacy, so they pretty much got used to Eugene playing the role of peeping tom and have shrugged it off as part of everyday life at that point.

Great Walker special effects! The amount of gore they are showing and how realistic it looks is also great on this show.

The use of flashbacks is a new and interesting dynamic to the show. This has been done before on shows like Lost to help give a good back story and character perspective. This flashback was done well because it detailed character motivations relevant to what is going on within the events of the show. This was done on Lost, but some of their flashbacks became a part of the show’s format, and not so much to tell a coherent story. Through this flashback, we learn that Abraham has a mean streak as he dispatched the people in the supermarket, but it cost him his family. When his family left, he ripped off his dog tags. So we learned that he was in some form of military, and his killing instinct was learned from being in the military. When it cost him his family, even he was disgusted with himself.

Abraham was very reminiscent of Captain Ahab this episode. Getting to DC was his White Whale. He had become to blinded on saving Eugene and getting him to DC that he was willing to sacrifice others by going through dangerous situations, and not wanting to rest in order to complete his mission.

Now that we know Eugene is a liar, does the group head to DC? That’ll be interesting to see if they continue, or decide to head back to the church. After all, they are not that far away, and cannot trust Eugene as he told them he is a liar. Or do they continue north with the same hope Eugene had, that DC is still in one piece? Only time will tell.

Comic Vs TV Show:


First off, the group did not split up in the comic book, so this technically is “new territory” for the show. However, the big reveal of Eugene was in the comic book.

In the comic book, Eugene always walked around with a walkie-talkie that he said he would use to talk with government people in DC. He always walked away from the group during so because whatever he discussed was “classified.” In the comic when they are close to DC, Rick wanted to use the walkie-talkie and after a argument/scuffle with Eugene over the walkie-talkie Eugene drops it to reveal that there were no batteries in the walkie-talkie and he then confesses that he is no scientist in the same manner he did on the show. It was done better on the show because Eugene seems to be carrying the lie as burden, to the point where he is sabotaging the mission. Finally he cracks when he sees how determined Abraham is on getting to DC that he would go through a herd of Walkers to get there and finally admits. Like on the show, Abraham proceeds to beat on Eugene because the lie has cost lives. But in the comic he does not almost kill him though the beating.

Eugene’s creepiness towards Rosita also carries over from the comic book. In the comic book he also spies on Rosita while she is having sex with Abraham.

After Abraham breaks up with Rosita, Eugene becomes a shoulder to cry on, and after Abraham dies, the two eventually end up in a relationship. If this ends up on the TV show, it’ll be interesting

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