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Ever since [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) was first announced by Warner Bros for 2016, actors have been speculated for multiple roles. Ryan Gosling appears to be out of the works, with Jared Leto now speculated to be playing the Joker, and Will Smith and Tom Hardy still in talks for characters, coming with the rumour that Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor will show up.

Now, The Collider is reporting that Harley Quinn has just been cast, and Margot Robbie has secured herself the role as the Joker's deranged lover and prominent Suicide Squad member, making it the first time the character will be played in live action- if you disregard the amazing cameo in [Arrow](series:720988) earlier this year, and the dismal Birds of Prey series featuring someone resembling her- after a long time desire from fans. Certainly the first for films.

This should come as amazing news to DC fans, who had Margot Robbie in fan cast lists for Harley all over the place. This also defies the earlier rumours Harley wouldn't be in the movie, and the initial rumoured lineup of Squad members, though it's safe to say Captain Boomerang and Deadshot will probably still appear.

Now, if we could just get confirmation on the other roles, ranging from Jared Leto as the Joker- pictured- or the likes of Will Smith as Black Manta or Bronze Tiger, or Tom Hardy as Deadshot- remember back when he was cast in [The Dark Knight Rises](movie:39011), which people thought would include Deadshot, and Hardy would play him? - and grab some official confirmation from WB as to Robbie's Harley, then I think we'll all be very happy fans.

Thanks again, Wee_Arts. (This guy is so cool)
Thanks again, Wee_Arts. (This guy is so cool)

It's a tad amusing that everyone thought Suicide Squad would be a low budget, throwaway DC film, but with the likes of David Ayer directing and this star cast and rumoured awesome character lineup, it seems like we're getting far more than that.

EDIT: After this awesome news, Geoff Johns took to his Instagram to post pictures of numerous villains, including the following:

He's uploading more as we go, and many seem to think he's teasing other members of the Squad. I can't even begin to express how excited I am. But, I don't think he's just teasing the Squad, given he's still uploading, and some choices- Black Adam or Sinestro, Captain Cold? - seem unlikely. What I think he's doing is either just teasing us, having some fun, or potentially hinting at other future DC villains in the films. Either way, it's amazing.

Rumoured casting- Smith may also be Black Manta
Rumoured casting- Smith may also be Black Manta
Nice clown couple concept art?
Nice clown couple concept art?


What other Squad members do you want to show up in Suicide Squad?


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