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It's the ultimate Sci Fi battle of the ages! A three-way fight against 3 of the biggest (or at least my favorite) Sci Fi franchises ever. Star Wars vs Star Trek(2009) vs Mass Effect. (sorry Battlestar Galactica) Who would win in an all out fight. Now for this I'm only talking about a battle between the main crews from each series so for Star Wars(original trilogy), the Millennium Falcon and it's crew/ for Star Trek(2009), the Enterprise and it's crew/ and for Mass Effect( we'll do a mix of 2 and 3), the Normandy and it's crew. Let's begin

Now let's focus on the Star Wars side of things first

Star Wars
Star Wars


Built in 60 BBY, the ship was originally built as a freighter by the Corelian Engineering corporation. The vessel was damaged and repaired several times over and over again and switched many owners, but none more notable than Han Solo and Chewbacca.
⦁ Numerous deflector shields capable of withstanding direct blaster hits
⦁ great maneuverability (think the asteroid belt)
⦁ a mark VII tractor beam
⦁ 2 AG-2G quad laser cannons
⦁ a surface defense laser cannon (manual or automatic)
⦁ a mine-layer (it just lays mines for you)
⦁ 2 ST2 concussion missile tubes
⦁ series 401 hyper-drive motivator
⦁ can travel 1050 km/hr in atmosphere
The Crew
⦁ Han Solo- While he may not be a military man but he knows how to survive. Years of smuggling and a rough childhood under the pirate Garris Shrike has molded the smuggler into a total bad-ass with both the smarts and the skill to get himself out of his share of sticky situations. Not to mention he's one of the best pilots out there and pretty good at card games. It's how he got his ship in the first place.....
⦁ Leia Organa Solo-The daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, This former princess of Alderann is not to be messed with. With her adoptive father as one of the founding members of the rebel alliance, Leia Organa has been a freedom fighter since a young age. She's shown on many occasions that she could handle a blaster and isn't afraid to get on the front lines.
⦁ Luke Skywalker-The son of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, this tatooine farm boy turned Jedi knight is a force to be reckoned with. Trained by two of the best jedi of their era, Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi, this hero went on to defeat Darth Vader and aid greatly in his redemption, as well as rebuild the Jedi order afterwards.

*Chewbacca- The trusty wookie companion of Han Solo, this big guy would mostly provide the muscle, however he's proved himself several times in the past as a natural born leader. He's played an integral part in both the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War. After the fall of Kashyyyk, he went on to be a fugitive of the Empire. He later escaped from Trandoshan slavers and went on to free many Wookie slaves over time.

⦁ The droids-Although mostly there for comic relief, the two are an integral component to the star wars saga. C-3PO and R2-D2 had one of the most important missions of the entire film, to deliver the message to Obi Wan Kenobi which pretty much sets the entire trilogy into motion.

Now let's move on to Star Trek

Star Trek
Star Trek

USS Enterprise

This ship, built in 2255, is commanded by James T Kirk, son of George and Winona Kirk. Although originally commanded by Captain Pike and later Spock, Kirk is able to lead his crew against adversary's such as Khan, Alexander Marcus and Khan. along with his trusty crew, Uhura, Scotty, Carol Marcus and Sulu (among others) this team is nearly unstoppable.
⦁ Photon torpedoes
⦁ star ship phasers
⦁ a warp drive
⦁ deflector shields

The crew

⦁ James T Kirk- The rebooted version of this character is a hotheaded rebel who knows what he's doing. Despite his laid back attitude, he gets the job done. His unorthodox methods and skidding the rules/regulations make him an outstanding leader with a strong sense of friendship forming strong ties with his crew. He's also a great fighter/soldier as well proving his finesse in several occasions
⦁ Commander Spcok- He's a human vulcan hybrid making him an excellent soldier. His lack of emotion makes it easier for him to make the harder decisions, although this has been proven false before. He's an outstanding fighter besting captain Kirk in combat and even holding his own against Khan, with a little help from Uhura.
⦁ Nyota Uhura-Born in the United States of Africa, she is trained in several alien languages including klingon, making her a very versatile. She is also an excellent fighter proving her skill with a phaser on several occasions, aiding spock in apprehending Kahn
⦁ Montgomery "Scotty" Scott- This man is responsible for probably one of the biggest scientific feats in history. This genius was able to find a way to transport people onto moving objects, like a ship moving at thousands of miles per hour. He also regularly aids Kirk in his travels with scientific and engineering advice.
⦁ Leonard "Bones" McCoy- Kirk's good friend is an expert in the medical field. Despite appearing as a bit of a nuisance at times, he is a loyal and was responsible for even bringing Kirk back to life after he died from radiation poisioning with Khan's blood.
⦁ Hikaru Sulu- Sulu is the third officer and a lieutenant on the enterprise. He acts as the helmsman of the ship, but also has combat experience. He is skilled at fencing, gymnastics, botany, ancient weaponry, among other things.
⦁ Pavel Chekov- This 17 year old prodigy is a huge help to the team. On several occasions, Chekov uses his skills in order to save the lives of the enterprise, namely his captain. Right before Kirk and Sulu are about to fall into the center of the Vulcan home-world, Chekov is able to beam the two off the planet and back onto the ship.

And now onto Mass Effect

Normandy SR2

Built by the shadow organization Cerberus to aid Commander Shepard in his fight against the collectors, the Normandy SR2 is the successor to the Normandy SR1 which was destroyed in a collector attack. While this ship is significantly larger than it's predecessor, it comes with a few upgrades including a fully sentient AI, a much more powerful drive core, and "leather seats".
⦁ Javlin Disruptor Torpedoes
⦁ Thanix Cannon
⦁ Kinetic Barriers
⦁ Gardian lasers
⦁ Heavy ship armor
⦁ Antiproton thrusters
⦁ stealth system
⦁ Commander Shepard-While his history may change based on what you choose, one thing cannot be denied, Commander Shepard is a hero. The savior of the citadel, conqueror of the collectors, and well loved among all of his crew. He's a member of the elite N7 program, the first human spectre and a proud member of the human alliance navy. There really is no better leader, at least in his universe......
⦁ Ashley Williams(sorry kaiden)- Her name will forever live in infamy due to her Grandfathers surrender at Shanxi, however she works extra hard to make a name for herself. Joining Shepard's crew after Eden Prime, Ashley proves to be a skilled companion, even earning herself the rank of Spectre, making her the second human granted that honor.
⦁ Urdnot Wrex-The Krogan is an unstoppable force of destruction, but also a surprisingly intelligent and strategic leader of the Krogan back on Tuchanka. His unusual hope for peace amongst the Krogan provides small hope for the future of their race. However do not take his kindness for weakness, because at the first sight of deceit, he'll be sure to make you pay.......
⦁ Garrus Vakarien- Former Turian military and C-Sec officer, Garrus is skilled at engineering at weaponry spending most of his time calibrating the guns down on Normandy's second floor. He is a masterful tactician and a skilled marksman. He was even known once as the vigilante archangle, taking on all of the gangs of Omega and even surviving a siege on his hide out for a long period of time before Shepard came and helped him escape.......
⦁ Liara T Soni- While she may not have started off a warrior, her experience in the field has molded her into something of a soldier. Liara started off as a simple researcher of the Protheans, but is quickly thrusted into the role of the all knowing Shadow Broker after overthrowing the previous one. While only slightly going over 100 years old (that's young for Asari) She's accomplished more than some Matriarchs have in their 1000 year life span. She also has a strong proficiency in biotic attacks and has proved her skill with a gun numerous times.
⦁ Tali Zorah vas Normandy- This teenage quarian princess started off on her pilgrimage when she began her journey. Now she's one of the leading admirals on the admiralty board in the migrant fleet. She is an exceptional engineer like the rest of the quarians, does great with a blaster, and help broker peace between the longtime enemies of the Geth and the Quarians. (The last one is a maybe but you know what I mean)
⦁ Miranda Lawson- She's genetically modified to be perfect in every way. While the emotional issues may be present, physically she is a great soldier. She has excellent precision, powerful biotics and is very intelligent helping her on the battlefield when making the best decisions. She left the Illusive man's side in order to fight alongside Shepard once she saw Cerberus for the evil corporation it was.
⦁ Jacob Taylor- If he isn't doing sit ups while Kasumi Goto stares in stealth mode, he's probably checking his weapons. Jacob is always ready to get the Job done under any circumstances, whether it be family related or otherwise. Ex alliance, he even spent some time as a corsair (alliance secret operations). He left to join Cerberus for a time but ended up leaving as well. He went on to find love and assisted former Cerberus workers like himself in escaping from Cerberus forces. He is also a skilled Biotic as if that wasn't enough.
⦁ Jack- Tortured from a very young age in a Cerberus camp, Jack, real name unknown, was pushed to her limits so that she could become the strongest human biotic there was. She escaped eventually and became a notorious criminal running with gangs and cults, all the while looking out for herself. She became especially powerful in her travels and made a name for herself. She joined Shepards crew when he busted her out of the Purgatory Prison. She later went on to teach biotics at Grissom Academy
⦁ Kasumi Goto- The Kleptomaniac is a master thief, renowned amongst the galaxy. She used to work with her partner and lover until he was killed, which she exacted vengeance upon. She went on to join Shepard's crew and later assist in the crucible due to her knowledge in foreign security and technology.
⦁ Zaeed Massani- This mercenary was a co-founder of the notorious gang the blue sons. He is known for surviving extreme conditions including a bullet directly to the face. He is a skilled warrior and is an extremely valuable asset to Shepards team when fighting against the collectors.
⦁ Grunt- This Krogan was tank bred by the war lord Okeer to be the future of the Krogan race. Even though he was born in the tank, he is an outstanding soldier, defeating all who stand in his way with his incredible strength and love for all destruction everywhere. He is also able to withstand a hand to hand fight with a nest full of rachni which is an amazing feat.
⦁ Jeff "Joker" Morou- Jeff was born with brittle bone disease, but that doesn't need his legs to be the best damned pilot in the Alliance fleet. He is Shepard's trusty companion and is able to get Shepard anywhere that he needs, no matter the circumstances. His sense of humor also alleviates some tension in the otherwise intense environment of the Normandy. Graduating at the top of his class, Joker is the most skilled of his kind.
⦁ Mordin Solus- Mordin Solus, the Salarian doctor is perhaps one of the most proficient in his field. The doctor is an absolute genius, serving time in STG (Salarian Task Group) also givig him some combat expertise. This mixed with his widely varied knowledge of different types of sciences makes him an excellent companion to have at ones side.
⦁ EDI-The sentient AI is not only one of the most intelligent members of the group, but she is also a the most effective in combat, especially space. She outfits the Normandy with several programs that will grant them an advantage every time that a space battle occurs. Despite being a robot, she's one of the best members on this team.
⦁ Javik- woken up 50000 years after his civilization has gone extinct, Javik woke up with only one thing on his mind, revenge. He's a skilled Prothean warrior and also has a strong set of biotics.His military prowess also makes him a force to be reckoned with.
⦁ Samara- The Justicar is skilled just as much as she is cold in her demeanor. Samara is a warrior associated with an ancient samurai like order. She has traveled the galaxy for many years hunting down Ardat Yakshi, several of which were her own daughters. She is cold and calculating, and follows the code to a fault. She is a powerful biotic and is even skilled with weapons.
⦁ James "Jimmy" Vega- This alliance soldier and N7 recruit led an alliance squad on a planet when the Collectors attacked the planet. The mission was completed, but at the expense of all of the soldiers. He carries that weight with him, but as motivation to to better and try harder next time. He's constantly training and looks to Commander Shepard as a sort of mentor. He's a great hand to hand fighter and weapons specialist.
⦁ Samantha Traynor- One of the biggest editions, she joins up with Shepard after the attack on Earth. She was helping with the retrofits and acts as the communication specialist. She makes a few key discoveries during the war with the reapers, being one of the determining factor in the war. While not much help in combat, her processing of data has helped the war effort immensely

And Now Who Wins?
Now as far as overall ships go, the Millennium Falcon is in a pretty tough spot here. While the other two can be looked at as warships, the Falcon is more of a smuggler's vessel so the ship isn't as equipped to fight. However what it loses in firepower, it makes up for in maneuverability. The smaller ship could outmaneuver the larger too in the same fashion that it did the Star Destroyers on several occasions. As far as overall weaponry goes, Mass Effect takes it. The weapons are partly based off of reaper tech, which I doubt if a Collector ship is easily destroyed by it, The Enterprise will be a piece of cake. As far as defenses go, The Enterprise takes it due to it's more powerful shielding. Mass Effect ships can't deflect lasers, which I'm sure is what the Enterprise uses as it's weapon. This wouldn't spell out certain death for the Normandy, but it is possible. Now when it comes to Crews, the Normandy simply comes out on top. Kirk an Spock may make one hell of a team, and Luke may be a powerful Jedi Knight trained by two of some of the greatest Jedi to ever live, I doubt they could take on the elite of the milky way galaxy with only 3-4 people on the Millennium Falcon or the crew of the Enterprise. Overall, I'd have to say...........

Mass Effect Wins!!!

Sorry Star Wars
Sorry Star Wars

As much as I would loved to give it to Star Wars, my favorite Sci FI franchise of all time, I have to go with my #2 favorite, Mass
Effect on this one.This universe just had the better make up of ship defenses weaponry and crew in my opinion, but that's just my opinion. let me know what you guys think in the comments section below, You think I missed some details or You think someone else should have won? let me know?


Who do you think should've won?


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