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Ever since "Frozen" opened almost a year ago and surpassed every expectation to gross $400 million domestically, become the highest-grossing animated film of all time in worldwide box-office and smashed DVD sales records to boot, millions have been hoping for a sequel.

Disney initially quashed rumors by making it clear they were focused on bringing "Frozen" to Broadway before even thinking about a sequel.

Toss in that many feel the film was perfect and how hard it would be to recreate the magic of compelling story, catchy tunes (I mean, Elsa can't "Let It Go" again, right?) and stunning visuals and it seemed highly unlikely that we would see a "Frozen" sequel soon - if at all.

However, some reports offer some hints that Disney may be bringing us another adventure with Anna and Elsa sooner than we thought - which isn't entirely surprising, seeing how many people are cosplaying as Anna and Elsa, how many Anna and Elsa costumes were bought for this Halloween, how many "Frozen"-themed birthday parties have taken place in the past year and how millions of viewers started watching "Once Upon A Time" this season because of Anna and Elsa.

For a sample of the reports, here's one from the "International Business Times":

Frozen fans are eagerly awaiting the news of a sequel to their favourite animated movie and rumour has it that Disney has registered various names for the most awaited sequel.
According to fan website Stitch Kingdom, Disney has recently registered various domain names for the upcoming movies under its banner with the name 'Strange Magic'.
And speculations abound that it could possibly be the subtitle for Frozen 2.
The conclusion was drawn from two references in the critically acclaimed animated movie as both Grand Pabbie and Duke of Weselton used the phrase during the movie.
The production house, however, remained tight lipped about a possible sequel to the smash hit musical since the release of Frozen.
"It was referenced by Frozen twice! Both Grand Pabbie makes reference to 'strange magic' and the Duke of Weselton makes reference to 'strange magic," the fan site said in its report.

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