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Going to the cinema can be the highlight of the week - it's a place where you can be magically transported to myriad worlds and embark on incredible adventures you can hardly imagine. However, it can also be a 2 hour endurance test in the suppression of societal rage.

You see, at the cinema you share the theater with about 200 hundred other people. That means there are 200 different ideas of theater-going etiquette all crashing against each other. My personal peeve is people munching on potato chips - literally the noisiest foodstuff known to man. Not even Dolby Digital Surround Sound can drown out the deafening mastication of a close-range cinematic snack-shoveler.

It seems, that back in 1912 there were different concerns for early patrons of the "moving pictures" - most notably women's hats. BackStory recently uncovered a quaint set of vintage photographs which showed early 20th century moviegoers how to behave in the cinema. They were created by the New York firm of John D. Scott and Edward Van Altena and it seems annoying moviegoers are not synonymous with the cellphone age.

The peril of freakin' massive hats (and incorrect grammar).

Because everyone knows ladies love patronizing images of birds and flowers.

The first rule of cinema club, is you DO NOT talk in cinema club.

Except if the highly flammable nitrate film explodes and starts a raging inferno.

Unattended umbrellas may be removed by the security services and destroyed.

Seriously ladies, take off your [email protected]*king massive hats! We've already asked you once.

Nothing says intermission like two cats fighting on a barrel.

Seriously, go home. There's no surprise post-credits sequence, alright?

Just enough time to watch a classic barrel-top-cat-fight.

Also watch out for rogue cinema-goers who poke people in the chin.


What is your cinematic pet peeve?

Source: BackStory


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