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Now, when it comes to the movies, there are a whole lot of awesome things that we'd really like someone in the real world to actually invent, and make available for no more than $499.99. Hoverboards are a given, Jetpacks would be neat, and I've always been pretty keen on the idea of having my own Jurassic Park-style Velociraptor. Sadly, though, we usually just have to take whatever it is science can get us.

Fortunately, that tends to be things that are almost implausibly awesome.

Like, say, an actual, factual, fully flying miniature helicarrier - just like the one that starred in The Avengers, and the ones that stole the show in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Because yes. That is a thing that now exists:

As revealed on Flite Test, a show targeted at flight enthusiasts, someone has actually made a working helicarrier.

The best part? It was made with around $1,000 worth of parts, so if you have the technological know-how, it's nowhere near as prohibitively expensive as you'd think.

The only real problem with the vehicle - and I'm reluctant to say that there's any problem at all as it's now all I want for Christmas - is that it can only lift around 15 pounds of weight.

That, though, didn't stop the plucky little helicarrier that could from providing a safe, floating surface from which to take off for an actual (miniature, model) airplane.

Because, as it turns out, science is sometimes seemingly designed just to make us happy.

And, if I can ever actually get my hands on one of those things, I sure will be...

The only thing I am wondering, though, is whether it'd be possible to design one that's a little closer to looking like this...

And that comes with this inside...

And, ideally, a miniature Robert Redford/Alexander Pierce...

It seems...unlikely, but hey, a man can dream, right?

What do you guys think though?


Loving the miniature Helicarrier?

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