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With the recent news that The Joker might just be making his way back to the big screen in 2016's Suicide Squad - possibly played by the award-winning Jared Leto, no less - it'd seem as though the awesome Suicide Squad-related news quotient for this week might well have already been filled. After all, how can any piece of news even come close to matching the level of bad-assery that the Clown Prince of Crime's possible return is practically overflowing with?

Well, how about with a Clown Princess?

Or, rather, by finding out just who'll play everyone's favorite deranged damsel, Harley Quinn?

We Finally Have Our Harley Quinn

Or, at least, Collider are now reporting that Warner Bros. have finally persuaded their seeming first choice to sign on the dotted line.

Which means that Harley Quinn will, barring unforeseen eventualities, be played by...

Margot Robbie.

Robbie had, of course, already been heavily linked to the role, so this may not come as too much of a surprise - but it's also the closest thing to an absolutely confirmed casting that we've had for a movie that could, if done right, be the dark, villainous superhero movie of all our dreams.

The big question now, then, is this: What can we expect from Margot Robbie, and from Harley Quinn?

Well, to my mind, there's a pretty crucial formula here...

Take One Part Harley Quinn's Origins...


Harley, after all, had one of the stranger origin stories of Batman's rogue's gallery. Not because she was a young psychological intern who fell in love with The Joker - though that is pretty weird - but instead simply because she originally appeared on Batman: The Animated Series, and not in the comics. Though the character eventually found her way to the mainstream DC universe, she's still got that little something special about her, in part because she owes her place in the comics to the fact that we all fell in love with her on TV.

A major part of what made her a fan favorite in the first place, though, was the fact that Harley was such a gloriously quirky, and typically light-hearted character. She was, in many ways, the perfect bridge between the classic camp of 1960's Batman and the darkness of the modern day.

Which, in the grim big-screen world of the DC Cinematic Universe, could be something that is sorely needed...

Add a Solid Dash of New 52 Suicide Squad Action...

Harley is also, though, a key component of the Suicide Squad, at least in its most recent incarnation. Becoming a part of the team after the 2011 relaunch of all of DC's comics, better known as the New 52.

In that capacity, Harley has developed a far edgier - and entirely less reliable - persona, which could provide some fascinating twists and turns within the upcoming movie.

After all, if you're looking for someone to trust...someone who fell in love with The Joker might not be who you're after. If you're looking for someone to bring a whole heap of drama and action to a major superhero movie, though...

And Add Margot Robbie, Being Awesome, Into the Mix...

The most important element to the success of Harley on screen could, though, be Margot Robbie herself. After all, she's the one who's going to have to get up on a soundstage and actually bring the character to life.

The reassuring thing, though? She couldn't be a whole lot more perfect for the part if she tried.

Aside from the fact that she's got the right look - and awesomely comic-book cheekbones - for the part, she's also a particularly accomplished actor.

I mean, just take a look at The Wolf of Wall Street...

...In which Robbie managed to be simultaneously enigmatic, crazed, seductive, funny, serious, goofy, likable and - crucially - scene-stealing as Naomi Lapaglia.

Which is pretty much exactly what Harley Quinn needs to be anywhere near as awesome as we're all hoping she'll be on screen.

...And What Do You Get?

Well, with a bit of luck, something a little like a perfect cocktail: Sharp and sweet at the same time, with an unexpected twist or two, a hint of darkness, and an ultimately satisfying aftertaste...

Or, in other words: Harley Quinn.

Now, the big question: What do you guys think?


Will Margot Robbie make a great Harley Quinn?

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