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Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead ahead, if you have not seen episode 5, turn back now!

Last night's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) gave us a great glimpse into the back-story of no-nonsense Abraham. But the actor behind Abraham, Michael Cudlitz, revealed to Twitter followers that this episode almost never made it to air.

After watching the episode and thinking over all possible scenes that could have upset viewers, I have to say I'm at a bit of a loss as to why this particular episode was almost banned from screens, but check out my best guesses below:


Abraham opening a can of whoop ass

Episode 5 was definitely not the goriest episode we've seen on The Walking Dead. The bloodiest scene came at the beginning of the episode, occurring during the flashback when Abraham beat four men to death using his bare hands. And a can of beans.

Though there were a few more violent scenes through the episode, nothing really stood out as anything that the censors should have been fussed about. Especially considering what happened during the Season 4 finale, you know, when Rick Grimes ripped out a guys neck with his teeth.


2. Almost showing a child ripped apart by zombies

We learned a lot about Abraham's past in episode 5, including the sad story about him finding his family dead and torn apart by walkers. The scene included an image of Abraham's two children lying dead and bloodied in the grass.

Perhaps the censors thought it was too gruesome and morbid to include dead children, especially ones having been torn apart by walkers. Personally, I doubt this scene, though horrible, would have angered the censors, especially after the horror of Lizzie and Mika in the Season 4 finale; not to mention the little bunny slipper walker being shot in the face in the show's very first episode.


3. 'Abrasita' getting down and dirty

This is my top pick as to the reason the censors almost canned the episode: Abraham and Rosita getting it on in the library.

Eugene was revealed as a Peeping Tom
Eugene was revealed as a Peeping Tom

Although there was nothing overly rude or crude shown, it was probably the most explicit sex scene screened in the series over all five seasons. Though audience response to 'Abrasita's' explicit scene was overwhelmingly positive, at least on Twitter (where the 'Abrasita' nickname was spawned), maybe the censors thought it was just too much for our sensitivities.


Personally, I think the idea that the episode was even almost banned is utterly ridiculous. Aside from the fact The Walking Dead screens at a late hour, none of the violence we saw in "Self-Help" was anywhere near the levels we've seen in previous episodes, and the fleeting sex scene wasn't gratuitous or distasteful.

Hopefully the censors worries were put to bed once they saw how well the audience received the episode, and they continue allowing the show to have the creative freedom that makes it the most watched show on television.


Do you think The Walking Dead needs to be censored?

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