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Warning: Huge Walking Dead TV and comic book spoilers coming up, proceed at your own risk.

After last weeks hospital-bound episode it felt good to be back on the road on the mission to get Eugene to Washington DC. Well, at least they got a good 15 miles down the road until disaster struck, I guess.

But while progress to DC may have stalled, the episode continued full force with Abraham's sad backstory revealed, Eugene's choice of hairstyle defended and that big bombshell at the end of the episode that changed everything.

With further ado, check out five things you might have missed in episode 5 "Self-Help:"

1 - Someone finally mentioned bikes, a nod to the Zombie Survival Guide?

Not since way back in Season 1 have we seen someone use or mention one of the most obvious transportation modes: Bicycles. Yes, Tara was the one to suggest they take bicycles, after the bus crashed just 15 miles from the church, with the astute observation that "bikes don't burn."

Aside from the suggestion of using bikes being sensible, it could also be a nod to Max Brooks' 'Zombie Survival Guide' which lists bikes as being the ideal mode of transportation in a zombie apocalypse, because they're silent, able to be carried and not reliant on gasoline. After the trouble the group had with the bus and then the fire truck, Max Brooks sounds like he know what he's talking about.

2 - Eugene had an interesting choice of reading material

Shortly before Maggie chatted to Eugene about why he rocks the 'Tennessee Top hat', aka his mullet, we saw him sitting on the back of the fire truck reading the book "The Shape of Things to Come" by H.G. Wells

His choice of book was definitely a great one given the circumstances. The science fiction novel was written in 1933 and speculated on future world events. In it, Wells wrote about a devastating world plague that would wipe out a large part of humanity and almost destroy civilization. It then details how civilization would claw its way back from the brink of extinction, and finally into create a Utopian world, full of geniuses.

Who knows, could this foreshadow a happy ending to The Walking Dead, or maybe just a bit of wishful thinking on Eugene's part? Either way, at least he's got the genius part down.

3 - Eugene is no scientist but he's not stupid

Yes, hiding behind that mullet, Eugene had spread his lies a little too thin and finally the weight of it all was too much. There is no cure, Eugene is not a scientist, and T Brooks Ellis had never complimented him on his hair.

Even though it looked like the mission was for no reason, he still backed himself as a bit of a genius and theorized that DC was probably still the best place to go. We already know from leaked photos this year that the gang do make it back to the city, so perhaps Eugene was right to lead the group on all this time.

4 - Abraham's past was revealed and it was a tearjerker

There was a strong focus on Abraham's back story this episode and boy, was it a doozy. We learned that he had been married with two kids, but after beating four men to death in front of his family (to protect them), they became scared of him and left him in the middle of the night. Unfortunately this proved to be a bad decision and Abraham found their walker nibbled bodies just hours later.

It was shortly after this discovery, with a gun in his mouth, about to pull the trigger we saw how Eugene had become Abraham's unlikely savior. After Eugene needed Abe's help at just the right time, he then let him in on his 'mission' to get to DC and Abraham kicked back into survival mode.

Abraham's back story was told just at the right time, right before Eugene's big secret reveal. Even though Abraham was enraged at him, because of what Eugene did for Abraham when he was at his lowest, this could be his salvation.

5 - The metaphorical fists were flying

Abraham's hands were shown a lot this episode, and it was definitely no coincidence. By the end of the episode we knew that the moment he beat four guys to death was the moment he lost his family, and the cut that never healed on his hand seems to serve as a permanent reminder, he even still wore his wedding band.

Later on Rosita helped him re-bandage the wound, showing Abraham's healing process as he found new meaning for life in Eugene's mission to DC and his relationship. By the end of the episode the entire mission and all of the lives lost along the way were rendered completely meaningless after Eugene's confession. After beating Eugene in rage, the old wound once again reopened.


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