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Without doubt, I think one of the coolest gigs in the world would be to get covered in gruesome walker makeup and have a cameo as a shuffling flesh-muncher on AMC's The Walking Dead.

And clearly Scott Ian agrees, as the Anthrax guitarist will cameo as a walker on the show when he makes an appearance later in Season 5.

In case you're not sure who Scott Ian is, this is him doing his 'heavy metal' face:

He's so metal.
He's so metal.

He's also host of Scott Ian's Bloodworks - a behind-the-scenes look at the most impressive make-up and effects artists in the business - and was able to spend some time on set of The Walking Dead Season 5, where he got his zombie face on.

Here's Ian practicing his zombie shuffle before makeup

Apparently "Professional Zombie" is actually a thing. My guidance counsellor at school never mentioned this!

Time for a facial.

Looking more like the Toxic Avenger than a walker at the moment.

The transformation from rocker to biter is almost complete.

Best thing about being a walker? Getting to hang out with Rick and Carl like it ain't even a thing.

And here's the undead money shot. Expertly played Mr. Ian.

Scott Ian is set to appear in an episode during the second half of Season 5, and from the looks of Andrew Lincoln's freshly-shaven chin, I'd wager it's after the group has reached the security of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

You can check out Ian's behind-the-scenes video in full below. There's a fair bit of adult language and lots of bloody fake violence.

You'll love it.


Professional zombie: Greatest job ever?

Via Scott Ian's Bloodworks


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