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Darth Vader's mechanically assisted voice is a sound which has understandably struck fear into the hearts of generations of Star Wars fans. However, when the role was first acted out by David Prowse - the guy inside the suit - his accent wasn't quite as menacing. That is, unless you're terrified by farmers from the English West Country.

You see, although Prowse - an accomplished bodybuilder and actor - provided the intimidating stature of Darth Vader, it was James Earl Jones who delivered the iconic voice. Prowse originally hails from Bristol in England - an area which is famous for its soft, agricultural West Country accent. Indeed, Carrie Fisher joking called Prowse "Darth Farmer."

Gizmodo recently rediscovered a clip from a Star Wars documentary which shows B-roll footage from Star Wars: A New Hope. It certainly would have been completely different...

Rumor has it that Prowse did not know his voice would be replaced, but from what I've discovered this isn't true. Prowse always knew he was a placeholder, although he was originally told he would be seen and heard at the end of Return of the Jedi. Ultimately, the actor Sebastian Shaw was used for the Darth Vader de-helmeting scene.

With this video as our inspiration, let's take a look at some other behind the scenes pictures which quickly snap us out of the galaxy from far, far, away.

Bespectacled Boba Fett

Personally, as a member of the bespectacled community, I would love this to be the canonical face of Boba Fett. But perhaps luckily, this appears to be LucasFilm's Don Bies standing in for Jeremy Bulloch during some Star Wars reshoots.

Sexual Harassment Wookie

Exogorth Having a Satisfying Scratch

Who Knew Escaping Death Could Be So Much Fun?

Even Droids Have To Eat


Stupid question, but which Darth Vader voice was best?

Source: Gizmodo


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