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An awesome teaser trailer for [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) episode 7 "Do You Remember the First Time?" has been released, and lucky for us it focuses on Delena!

The synopsis for episode 7 promises that Elena will be forced to face her problems head on, and I'd guess that that can only mean some big decisions around her new relationship with Liam, or her forgotten love with Damon.

Check out the highlights of the Delena-centric clip:


Damon shows up uninvited to a fundraiser

Damon invites himself to the Whitmore Medical Center Fundraiser to 'stalk Elena,' but it soon turns into a bit more than stalking when Elena arrives.


Elena turns up with Liam at her side

Uh oh, something tells me Damon won't like this!


It looks like Elena is stuck in the middle

Awkward introductions when, as Damon put it, "the ex meets the new guy."


Liam talks some big talk!

So, Liam thinks that he could take Damon? Welllll, it doesn't look like Damon is very concerned!


Check out the whole teaser trailer below:

I can't wait to see what Damon does to try and win Elena back!


Do you want to see a Delena reunion?

The Vampire Diaries screens on Thursdays on The CW

Source: YouTube, Vampire Diaries wikia


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