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Now that the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, of Studio Ghibli fame, has stepped back from creating stirring and evocative feature-length animations, it's high time for the new wave of super talented animators to step to the fore and tell their tales.

One such keen storyteller comes in the form of Tomm Moore, the Academy Award nominated director of The Secret of Kells and, latterly, the magnificent looking Song Of The Sea.

Siren Song

Set in Ireland, Song Of The Sea, produced by Cartoon Saloon, follows young Ben and his mute little sister Saoirse, who live in a lighthouse with their widowed father, Conor. When sent away to live in the city with their grandmother, the kids conspire to get back to their family's lighthouse. But they are drawn into a dizzying world of magic and Irish folklore.

Here's the trailer!

Oh, did I hear you guys say screenshots? Okay, why not then. And they are a treat!


Here's an even younger Ben and his magical and mysterious mother handing over her magical and mysterious shell. Just look at the animation! Beautiful, man!

And this wonderful cell finds a family fulfilled and surrounded by life and love.

Here we have Ben's mother apologizing before leaving. In a dream perhaps?

A melancholy cell here as a devastated Conor introduces Ben to his little sister

This is a fantastic depiction of a lighthouse at night. The animation is good enough to pop in a frame!

Here we have Ben and his mother's shell, seemingly chilling on a boat.

And a shot of the family on Saoirse's sixth birthday.

Saoirse has located something truly magical. Wonder what it could be?

Beautiful cell of some seals amidst the sea. So darn pretty.

Wow. Saoirse and the seals are having a whale of a time.

Saoirse is a Selky, a person that can turn into a seal. It seems as if she can only do it when wearing the glowing onesie.

Here are the intrepid youngsters overlooking a cozy home. Wonder who dwells in there?

Starring vocal talent such as Brendan Gleeson, David Rawle, Fionnula Flanagan and singer Lisa Hannigan, this film is going to be outstanding, better than ever! I cannot wait to see it. I hope it does indeed come soon, though I fear soon may not be soon enough.

(Source: Cartoon Saloon)


Are you guys as excited as me about Song Of The Sea?


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