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After his relationship with Miley Cyrus ended back in 2013, it has been revealed that a dose of whacky Jennifer Lawrence humor was just what the doctor ordered for Liam Hemsworth!

The 24-year-old actor has spoken to Us Weekly and explained exactly why JLaw was the right person to cheer him up after his high profile breakup:

Being around someone like Jen, who is so honest and laughs all day long, I am forced to be in the right now...I’m much happier.

The two seem like they have a really awesome friendship - the two would even bike around Berlin when they had free time while filming the final two Hunger Games films.

But it wasn't just Lawrence supporting Hemsworth through the hard times. Liam also stood by JLaw's side through the nude photo scandal from earlier this year, something which apparently angered ex-fiance Miley Cyrus.

As Hollywood Life reported, a source close to the split couple divulged:

She [Miley] texted him a few times, including a message that said, ‘Your buddy’s pics just came out and she showed so much more of her body than I ever have’ and ‘I don’t think that’s classy taking racy photos like that.'

Wow, safe to say that Miley probably doesn't approve of this friendship then! But whether or not Miley likes Liam and Jennifer hanging out together, I think it's safe to say this is one friendship that will last long after the Hunger Games final films are released, may the odds be ever in their favor!


Are you looking forward to seeing Jennifer and Liam in Mockingjay?

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