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Considering Frozen grossed about a trillion dollars at the box office, cornered the Halloween costume market for the next decade. and filled YouTube with videos of soccer moms belting out "Let it Go," you'd imagine that Disney would be moving full speed ahead with a sequel.

And yet there's still been no word from the House of Mouse if Frozen 2 is on the horizon.

Yes, Disney is planning a return to Arendelle next year for a short called Frozen Fever, and there's a stage adaptation of the movie currently in production, but it's remained suspiciously quiet on the sequel front.

Until now.

It's all in a domain name

Fan site Stitch Kingdom has noted some interesting behavior by Disney that not only hints at a Frozen sequel, but that a title might also have been found.

Disney has been busy buying domain names, and they are all a version of the same Strange Magic. In case you're curious, the domains in question are,,, and

Does Strange Magic mean anything?

Well perhaps not, but potentially it could mean Frozen 2 is a go. You see, even though magic plays a huge part in the Disney universe, this exact phrase "strange magic" was uttered twice in Frozen: once by Grand Cabbie, and again by the Duke of Weselton. So if this is the title of the sequel, it makes sense for Disney to move early and claim the domain names.

There's a ton of new source material

And if Disney does decide to greenlight the sequel, there's now a fair bit of source material the Frozen writers could draw from.

Publishing giant Random House has revealed it is producing a chapter-book series that will "continue the story from the 2013 hit Disney movie," following the exploits of Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the gang as they go on adventures around Arendelle.

And singing. So much more magical singing.

For now though, it might be wise to wait for official word from Disney on Frozen 2 before you go running into the streets singing [insert appropriate Frozen song here] in joy. They've got a lot on their plate at the moment - what with Frozen Fever, the Broadway version, and the Frozen writer/director working on an adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. Even if Disney does move forward with the sequel, it might be a while until we see it land in theaters.

Still, we've always got the Frozen sing-a-longs to keep us entertained. All together now, "Love is an open doooooor...!"


Do you think Strange Magic could be the name of Frozen 2?


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