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CAUTION: Absolutely do not read on if you are not fully caught up with this series! Spoilers abound from here, so be wary!


So, "Doctor" Eugene Porter is a liar, a coward and a fake!!! Why am I not surprised?

It's because I had a very good feeling that was the case ever since he first brought up his whole save-the-world idea back in Season 4. Ever since then, I have been of the mindset that he truly does not know how to stop the zombie apocalypse, and that he has been merely tricking Sgt. Abraham Ford all this time into thinking that he could save the world.

Poor Abraham found out the hard way that being more skeptical in this world is not such a terrible thing. In fact, it is something that needs to be utilized often, especially in regard to a mullet man who appears out of nowhere claiming to be this really intelligent scientist from the human genome project, who just happens to know all about developing a cure for that apocalyptic world.

"Self Help" was a slow-paced episode, much like last week's episode ("Slabtown"). There was not much in it, really. But, just like in "Slabtown," the intensity was raised quite a bit in the closing moments of "Self Help," when Mr. Mullet Man finally confessed:

You can see how that revelation truly hurt Abraham, who had been on a path of redemption, seemingly, with this mission to Washington D.C. And as has been the case this season, this episode continued to explore the ramifications of the theme of identity, and what it means to find out who these characters really are and what they actually want to become. This brings me to the second thing we learned from "Self Help": Abraham's back story.

Throughout "Self Help," there were flashbacks to Abraham's violent life before he met Eugene, which occurred during the apocalypse. We learned that he was a married man with two kids. In an effort to protect his family, Abraham brutally beat four men to death right in front of his wife and children. That incident left them understandably distraught, so distraught that they abandoned Abraham thereafter.

Unfortunately, Abraham later tragically discovered their walker-infested bodies. The excruciating pain of having lost the people he clearly cared so deeply for was too much for him, and he was about to end his own life right then and there, had it not been for ... (you guessed it!) Eugene.

Eugene was being chased by walkers, and so he needed Abraham's help, because when doesn't Eugene need help. After all, Eugene lied all this time just to ensure that he would have people around him for protection, and that would lead him safely to D.C., the one place he believes they have the best opportunity to survive. Coming from him, that sounds like a lie as well, and what lies in D.C. might not be a sanctuary, but something far more sinister.

Abraham saving Eugene
Abraham saving Eugene

Anyway, in that last flashback scene, Abraham does take out the walkers that were evidently attracted to Mr. Mullet Man's fancy mullet. Afterwards, Abraham takes off without even looking at Eugene; that is, until Eugene introduces his plan to save the whole world all by his own smart self. And just like that, we see how those two met in the first place.

Abraham was on the brink of giving up completely, but Eugene came along to give his life a new purpose. We never found out if Abraham was ever at least slightly skeptical of Eugene's plan, and so we have to assume that Abraham believed the whole thing with every fiber of his being. His willingness to do anything to keep Eugene alive is proof of that. Also, Abraham was unraveling in the present day as well. We saw throughout "Self Help" how adamant he was to continue moving forward, despite the obstacles that attempted to impede them, such as Eugene intentionally sabotaging the bus.

Abraham breaking down after Eugene's confession
Abraham breaking down after Eugene's confession

Now that the truth has finally been unveiled, what will Abraham do? Will he want to take his own life again? Or, will he find something important to do, like rescue Beth, perhaps? We will have to wait and see.


And now, it is on to the next Walking Dead episode, titled "Consumed." Here is its very brief synopsis:

Cautiously, members of our group must venture into a familiar location on a heroic rescue mission. It's a huge stage, but so are the stakes.

As you will see in a bit, "Consumed" will place the spotlight (so to speak) on Carol and Daryl's whereabouts, after they took off chasing that car with the cross sign in "Strangers." Their "heroic rescue mission" should obviously lead them to Atlanta, the home of Grady Memorial Hospital, as in the place Beth is being held against her will. This episode should also give some insight into how the hospital group discovered Carol, who was unconscious and being transported to one of the rooms during the last moments of "Slabtown."


Here are three clips from next Sunday's episode:


Trying to find the one building Beth is in, out of all those buildings in Atlanta, is going to be an extremely arduous task, especially for just two people. Carol's plan is to "stay close to the buildings and keep quiet," so as to not attract any unwanted attention. Since it is only her and Daryl, it might be easier to move from place to place without being detected.

Also, the one clue they have at this point is that the car they were chasing has that cross sign, so they would have to focus on searching for that. As we saw in "Slabtown," police officer Dawn Lerner and co. have multiple cars parked in the hospital's parking area, all containing that same cross sign.

At the end of "Strangers," we see Daryl back at St. Sarah's accompanied by someone who hasn't been shown yet. Because of this, I am inclined to believe that they will not be able to rescue Beth in "Consumed." What I think might occur after they find that the car with the cross sign belongs to Grady Memorial Hospital is that Carol will contrive a clever plan to infiltrate said hospital without having to fight the people living there right away, something she is a master at doing (remember Terminus?). As a result, she may have been feigning unconsciousness when we saw her in "Slabtown." In reality, though, she might be playing possum, waiting for the opportune moment to stealthily strike, along with Beth.

As for Daryl, I think the person he is now with might be Noah, the one person at the hospital Beth actually liked, as she helped him escape. Together, they will tell Rick and co. what has happened, and then they will form a more potent group capable of taking down Lerner and co. But, that battle may not even happen, if Carol is able to execute her clever, scheming ideas to perfection.


Sneak Peek #1

You gotta love Carol! She always has a plan, and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty, if you will. It looks like they are in pursuit of the aforementioned car with the cross sign, but, like Daryl implied, they may not be able to keep up with it much longer.

Moreover, I would think that Carol might have objections when it comes to searching for people who may or may not be alive. After all, she spent half of season two looking for Sophia, her now-deceased daughter, only to find her reanimated. Consequently, I think that tragic event might be one reason why she is asking Daryl about Beth, just to get some sort of indication that Beth might really be alive, and that their pursuit of a random car is really worth it. Hopefully, she does fully trust Daryl's word, because she is a great ally to have, especially when she truly believes in something.


Sneak Peek #2

Hmm.... who might that be? Judging from the expressions on both Carol and Daryl's faces, coupled with the tone playing throughout the video, it seems to be someone who they connected with (so to speak) from an emotional standpoint. The body appears to be short in stature, so it might be a child. It surely cannot be Beth, as this is before Carol is taken by the hospital group, and Beth sees Carol unconscious in "Slabtown." Also, Carol and Daryl might be on some sort of rooftop, which means this is taking place in Atlanta. Could that be Noah's body being cremated?


"Consumed" will debut next Sunday, November 16th. Don't freaking miss it!!!!


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