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Ah 2012! The year of some truly great games! Also the year where I sat glued to my screen in anticipation for Star Wars 1313. The E3 trailers and gameplay footage only deepened my desire for this title to hurry up and be released. And then... the video game gods decided it was not to be. They took her from us, they stoles it!

Looking back at old 1313 videos on YouTube, they were getting over 2 million views per video. Amazing. Fans really wanted this game and were excited to play a Star Wars title brave enough to remove the lightsaber from our grasp. Thankfully, DICE then stepped up to fill the aching void...and the absent lightsaber. Star Wars Battlefront 3 is confirmed and well on the way for its late 2015 release!

But what about Star Wars 1313? Can it leave behind any information for us? A lasting legacy? Can it show us what sort of gameplay we could expect from Star Wars Battlefront 3? Maybe, or maybe not, either way, I just want to look at Star Wars 1313 again and see what could have come our way.

Star Wars 1313 & Star Wars Battlefront 3

Why not refresh your memory with the clip above from Star Wars 1313 at E3 way back when! Aside from creepy facial animations, the game looked like it had some remarkable potential. The sound design was really spectacular, the locations were painstakingly created to mimic the Star Wars films and the action sequences looked like something out of Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2!

But how can such a strong narrative game have anything to teach DICE with Star Wars Battlefront3? Well let's take a look at the combat system first. DICE have apparently claimed that Battlefront will actually be their major FPS of 2015. Wait a minute...Battlefront shouldn't be FPS! Not at all! Unless they meant it in the sense that their FPS' are what brings them their highest profits and they had planned those kind of numbers for Battlefront.

Star Wars 1313
Star Wars 1313

In any case, fans have felt very uncomfortable hearing that genre description next to this game. One of the game's most essential elements is that we can see the characters that we are playing as. Third person is far more suited to this universe, I don't want to be looking at a lightsaber just swinging in front of me. Besides, you won't be able to do any crazy Jedi tricks without feeling nauseous!

Star Wars 1313 knew this too and the third person combat worked really well for its scenes that featured the main character scaling this fallen ship as it crashed (really reminds me of the Uncharted train sequence). But it's combat is what could really inspire DICE. The weapons sounds fantastic and the burst of colourful light from their blasters is perfect and feels powerful. The flashing of blue and red on screen still looked impressive, so imagine it on Xbox One and PS4.

Star Wars 1313
Star Wars 1313

Also, the weapon that acts like a kind of 'force push' was seriously cool! Being able to push enemies back with your weapon would lend Stormtroopers the ability to counter a Jedi's force attack. Though it would certainly be a bit weaker. In any case, this idea of being able to carry two weapons is vital to Battlefront, so that we can switch between two options for the various combat situations.

Just imagine the blaster fire in the video above, times ten! Then transfer it to a huge battlefield, with destructible environments and the debris of falling ships crashing around you. That's just a little dream of mine there...

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront

But one thing I'm wondering about is whether DICE will include campaigns with story-lines for each of the factions within the game. Let's assume that the Rebel and Clone War factions make a return along with some new ones taken from J. J. Abrams' series. Each faction should have its own narrative, therefore inviting players to play several different campaigns of varying lengths! Perhaps something as impressive as what 1313 demonstrated wouldn't exactly be possible, but a man can dream!

Obviously the main thing that I want DICE to learn from Star Wars 1313 is that a good looking game should be finish and release the damn thing!

What would you like to see in Star Wars Battlefront? And do you miss news about Star Wars 1313? Let me know in the comments!


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