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Probably perfect casting so far. She's hot. She has a smoking body. She has the voice. She has the acting chops... and clearly we all know she can play a very f****d up and deranged individual with a sweet side. Margot Robbie already cast as Harley Quinn? It has been confirmed.

Margot is Harley.
Margot is Harley.

Margot is most notably known for her role in "Wolf Of Wall Street" where she got to show off just how smoking hot and sexy she can be while also playing sweet AND spicy in the same scene - perfect Harley Quinn mode! Oh yes!

And man... Jared Leto possibly playing the Joker? Awesome-sauce! Other's rumored are big time actors like Will Smith and even Tom Hardy possibly coming back for another DC trek.

I don't know man, I'm not super excited about " [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) as movie just yet, but this could be a really cool cast! My only concern is a "villain" movie without first solidifying them in the current canon. Not sure about the "Sinister Six" movie either unless it features Spidey as well. But hey, that's an entirely different story and I'm open to try new things. So far, it's shaping up quite nicely in my opinion!

Here's the full article I poached from

BEWBZ!! Sorry, had to!
BEWBZ!! Sorry, had to!


What do you guys/gals think? Casting looking good so far?


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