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Hi Guys!

The release of LEGO© Batman 3 Beyond Gotham is tomorrow (November 11th, 2014 in North America) and the rest November 14th in the rest of the world.

So now I'm going to go through the newest releases the came for a few days ago.

First out we have the Ambush Bug, that looks absolutely amazing, he kind of like Hulk without the whips on the head and he is a small figure, not a big fig.

He doesn't have any special abilities or something like that.

Second out we have Composite Superman or SuperBat that I like to call him. He just looks incredible awesome with those stitches between the suits.

According to this site he doesn't have any special powers.

Next up is Heat wave!

He kind of looks like Cyklops in LEGO© Marvel Superheroes with a with costume.

To his help he has his gun and with that he can cut through gold bricks and melt ices.

Next up is a guy you may recognize from LEGO© Batman 2 and that is of cause Hush.

He looks the same as he did in the second game, not so many difference.

To his help he has his dual guns and with them he can shoot enemies (not a surprice).

Next up is Vibe.

He looks like Arsenal in the Arrow series, without the hood of cause.

Vibe can with his vibes break glass.

Next up is Firestorm.

I was really glad that they put him in the game and he looks incredible awesome except for the helmet.

His abilities in the game is to shoot fire so that he can cut through gold LEGO bricks and melt ice and he can also fly.

Next up is Orion.

He doesn't look so awesome but he has the abilities to fly so that make him playable.

Next up is the Question.

He is just a normal guy that has a costume and the only problem that he has is that he doesn't have a face. I love how they did this character and I just love the face that he has.

He doesn't have any special abilities or like that.

Last out is Bane and he looks like he did in the other games, but in this game he can do a new thing.

He can turn in to a big fig. Isn't that cool?

I know the picture isn't the best but it is like it is.

As a big fig he can do that all the big figs can do, like to transform back into a mini fig, super strength, create and throw rock masses and break open special walls.

Well that was all for now, see you later alligator


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