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In honor of the final trailer we will be seeing for The Hobbit trilogy, I thought for a change I would write about something different than comic book movies. The Battle of the Five Armies will not only be the end of the trilogy, but the end of the Middle Earth Saga. Maybe I'll write an article on the best Hobbit moments once the last movie is out, but for now I'll focus on The Lord of the Rings. Before I get into this list, remember it's just my opinion, so don't bash me if your favorite moment isn't on the list. I will include my top five parts, including some honorable mentions.


This part of the first Lord of the Rings movie had three main strong points to it: Frodo's farewell to Aragorn before he takes on an army of Orcs; then there was Boromir's death, and to finish it off, Aragorn taking on the Uruk-hai. All of which were awesome and yet emotional moments. This really did end the movie on a strong point knowing that this was just the beginning of the quest, and the worst was far from over.

The Battle of Amon Hen
The Battle of Amon Hen


With the battle of Helms Deep I didn't think The Two Towers could get anymore awesome when I first saw the movie. But I was wrong, the part where the Ents attack Isengard and flood the land is a truly epic moment. During the film it seemed like the Ents had no interest in fighting this war, but as soon as they found out that Saruman had destroyed so many trees things got ugly. As amazing as this scene was, it also delivered a message: do not mess with nature as it might just come back for revenge.

The Flooding of Isengard
The Flooding of Isengard


Now ,the whole scene 'The Bridge of Khazad-Dum' was pretty phenomenal, but we all know what made that scene so memorable. Gandalf's sacrifice was not only emotional but has become one of the most iconic moments in movie history. Even if you haven't seen the film, I'm pretty sure you would have heard the famous line "YOOOU SHALL NOT PAAASS." The Balrog of Morgoth was a pretty impressive monster if you ask me, and seeing how Gandalf took it on was great. The part when Gandalf falls was very emotional, even though he returns as Gandalf the White in Two Towers. The line "Fly you fools" was an excellent send off for Gandalf the Grey.

Gandalf vs. The Balrog of Morgoth
Gandalf vs. The Balrog of Morgoth


From the moment when Gollum got a hold of the ring and was cheering I knew this was going to be an ending like no other; and seeing Frodo's furious face as he tackled Gollum before they fall of the edge of the path was intense. If you think about it Gollum died happily as he was reunited with the Ring. Even though having your body melted by lava isn't a good way to go. But as soon as the Ring melted into the lava and the Eye of Sauron collapsed, that was the point where I felt like cheering. Seeing Gandalf, Aragorn, and everyone else's facial expressions when they realized the war was over was just phenomenal. The music as well was perfect. When you've followed a franchise and you finally see the heroes win it's always a good moment. But the climax of The Lord of the Rings stood out above all other "hero wins" endings.

Eye of Sauron
Eye of Sauron

HONORABLE MENTIONS: (Followed by my number one favorite moment at the end of the post)



Obviously including the part where Eowyn kills the Witch King.


There are many more awesome parts from the trilogy, but I think this is enough.

Now for my favorite part of the trilogy:


After watching this trilogy many times, I can not say there is a better moment than this battle. Well I won't say moment because the entire battle was just amazing. The tension that was built during the opening of this battle was just flawless. The action, the emotion and the all out epic-ness gave this movie the ultimate end. It was also the first time I had ever seen a battle to this scale in a movie. Sure The Return of the King took the size of the battles to a whole other level, but for me this was the best one. And although all hope seemed lost, when Gandalf showed up at the end I knew we were in for an awesome moment.

The Battle of Hornburg - LOTR: The Two Towers
The Battle of Hornburg - LOTR: The Two Towers

So is your favorite part of The Lord of the Rings on my list, or is it something I didn't include?

If you haven't seen the new trailer for the conclusion of The Hobbit trilogy, then check it out:


What was your favorite part in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy?


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