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The DC crew is officially on their way to DC again. No sooner than they hit the road do they lose their ride and encounter trouble. Like a well oil engines they carried onward. Abraham wasn’t going to let anything else happen. Abraham is going to get Eugene to DC kicking and screaming if it’s the last thing he does.

This week there a number of flashbacks revolving around Abraham’s past. The actual flashbacks left me conflicted because what was depicted was interesting. Finally getting to flesh out Abraham beyond this soldier who is on a mission was a good thing. The problem was the structure. The flashbacks were very staccato in that they were very brief clips that added up to a whole. You would feel like you were getting to some interesting revelation and then the flashback would end. When you finally returned, it picked up from a slightly different place. It made it feel disjointed in a way that drew attention to the editing and its structure rather than better informing the story. That said, the actual content of the flashbacks greatly informed Abraham’s character, his loss, and how his character has in a way circled back to that moment. His actions were out of protection for his family, yet it was those same actions that lost his family. He suffered through that loss, but no sooner than it had happened did Abraham meet Eugene and get a new mission for him to sink his teeth into.

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