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Just last week I was able to have an interview with the star of Jessabelle, Sarah Snook. I really had a blast chatting with her. Check out the interview below!

Sarah Snook Interview

Nicole: I saw Jessabelle about a week ago, and I wanted to say you did an amazing job. You were so believable throughout every scene.

Sarah: Thank you, thank you very much.

Nicole: Okay, so first off, how were you introduced to the film?

Sarah: I was spending time with my manager, for a couple of hours just hanging out, we were having dinner. And just as I was leaving, she called me and said, “come back upstairs!” The director Kevin wants to meet you tonight. Read the script here now. I read it with him, and he said “Great”. I met him on that Friday night. And then I got the call on Monday, and it was a go. It went very fast.

Nicole: Shooting a horror film, how was the set? Was it dark and creepy like the actual film or were there a lot of comedic light moments on set?

Sarah: Loads of light comedic moments on set. Only because you kind of have to counter the dark and how horrible things can get. When you’re being attacked by a supernatural being, coming out of the bath, and you know you can’t move your legs, and you can’t get away, and you’re screaming. When they call cut, and it’s all over, it’s just something that is ridiculous. You look back and go oh, I wasn’t fighting for my life, I was just rolling around on the bathroom floor covered in slime. It’s actually pretty fun.

Nicole: Out of all the scenes, which was the scariest for you to film?

Sarah: There were two types of scares for me. There was the actress Sarah going what if these things are real, and were in the middle of this forest with this swamp, and what if there are ghosts? It definitely plays tricks on your mind. But then scary, in terms of scary fun is like being pushed towards the end of a dock in a wheelchair, and you cannot move. I enjoyed all of it. What was really obvious is that Jessie couldn’t move, so she didn’t have the use of her legs, she couldn’t just get up and runaway. She really had to rely on the people around her. And if they failed her, then that’s it. Like seeing your father go up in flames, and you can’t do anything because of your legs, is pretty horrifying.

Nicole: Did you do any research to get into character, or was the part of Jessabelle natural for you?

Sarah: Both. I started researching the horror film genre, because I’ve never done a horror film before. So I didn’t know how everything would look. And as a kid I’ve never seen one, because I was always so scared to look. And I realized I was missing out on a whole lot of fun. I have a friend who helped educate me; she’s a massive horror fan. She took me through it all, and really made me watch a lot of great films. Yes, so that education definitely helped me with Jessabelle. Yes, but on the other side, just saying for someone who’s confined to a wheelchair, what they go through, and suffering from PTSD, from major trauma in your life, and that could be what your supernatural element is. That’s the question you start off with the whole time; it could all just be in her mind.

Nicole: How was it like working with the entire cast?

Sarah: It was great; I’ve never met any of them. When I first met Joelle Carter, she played my mom, and she was on Justified. Just as like a weird thing, She comes up to me and asks “Do you know an actor Damon Herriman?” And I’m like yes; he’s a friend of mine, why? And she replies well he’s Australian, he’s the only Australian I know, he’s on Justified with me. It was totally cool. So here we are in the middle of this swamp talking about a mate of mine. I loved working with Mark, he was great, as well as Kevin. We all had a lot of fun.

Check out Jessabelle in select theaters and VOD now!


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