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1. The Heat

This movie was by far my favorite performance by Melissa McCarthy. First of all, seeing Sandra Bullock in a rated R comedy is amazing enough, but the performance that Melissa delivered was so hilarious and unique I felt distracted from the fact that it was just another buddy-cop movie. The one liners were great but the way that they played off of each other really sold the film... In fact, their salesmanship was so on point that there is a sequel coming, I hear?!

2. Bridesmaids

Her husband, Ben Falcone, is hilarious too!
Her husband, Ben Falcone, is hilarious too!

I mean, come on guys, is there really much that I have to say regarding this hilarious performance that helped launch her career? She was the best part of a movie chocked full of already well-established female comedic actors. She brought even more hilarity to such a real feeling movie by being so ridiculous... but not in an unrealistic way. She really seems like she would be the crazy friend out of her group of gal pals.

3. Tammy

Okay, so, I just was able to give this a watch during the last week and I have to say that I loved it! The only reason this is not number one of my favorites list is because it was much less comedic in nature than the first two mentioned. She delivers an amazing performance alongside her crazy alcoholic grandmother played by Susan Sarandon. This is a movie that feels very grounded and has many problems to deal with in it, it's not, "okay lets have her road-trip with her alcoholic grandma and just have fun!" No, this movie deals with real issues and if anything, it deals with as many as it can in it's playtime. Even within the first ten minutes everything that can go wrong - has - and you're begging for some extra comedic relief to come along. I would also like to mention the incredible chemistry between Melissa and Mark Duplass.

And now for the not-so-fun part... My least favorite three Melissa McCarthy moments:

3. Identity Thief

This movie... I had a problem with all around. It has two of my favorite comedic actors (Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy) but it was just a complete dud in my opinion. Unlike Tammy, which was advertised as being somewhat serious and well-rounded and not just a comedy, this movie was not marketed in the same way. This movie was advertised as such a ridiculous ball of hilarity and nonsensical comedy that you'd just spend the whole duration laughing. What the viewer actually gets is a terrible mashup of both great actors trying their hardest to not be funny and let the "humorous settings" do the work.

2. The Hangover Part 3

This roll sucks...
This roll sucks...

I hated her performance in this with such a fiery passion. Even though it was just a cameo, it was just terribly written in and not at all giving her a chance to bring her unique form to it. I get that they wanted a love interest for their most ridiculous character (just like Brick got Chonnie in Anchorman 2) but unlike Anchorman 2 the actress seemed to be given no freedom and was basically told to act like Galifianakis and that was it. It was boring, and overdone.

1. This is 40

Why is this scene just not as funny as I thought?
Why is this scene just not as funny as I thought?

Why is it that Judd Apatow has no idea how to include cameos properly in anything he makes? Now... stay with me here. I get that many Apatow produced films have had very memorable cameos, but when it comes to the movies that he has actually directed, well, he has no idea how to let the actors/actresses make a character their own. Elizabeth Banks in 40 Year Old Virgin was funny but stale as it seemed very scripted and like she had no reign to make her own decisions, in This is 40, Melissa McCarthy is her usual sense of funny but seems to fall to the same thing; She is given, it seems at least, absolutely no freedom. The one exception to this Apatow predicament is all of the roommates in Knocked Up but they were less a cameo and more just ACTUAL characters!

Anywho, everyone feel free to chime in on the list and tell me your thoughts!


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