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As many Marvel fans around the world have been going bonkers about the Marvel Cinematic Phase Three annoucement I have been thinking about how each movie will work and so on. One movie that has been particularly on my mind is [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409).

Personally I am on Cap's side on this one sorry RDJ
Personally I am on Cap's side on this one sorry RDJ

Specifically I have been wondering exactly if the movie will follow the comics and use the plotline based around the Hero Registration Act. I for one hope so and assume they will due to the shared name. So if they choose the follow this plot then there are a few instrumental figures that shall be lost due to Marvel Studios not owning these characters. These lost souls are: Mr. Fantastic and Spiderman.

So these two characters are important because Mr. Fantastic builds the Robot Thor that kills Goliath (among other characters) and Spiderman end up on literally both sides of the war. He originally sides with Iron Man and reveals his identity but later decides to switch to Captain America's side. Which happens after the Robot Thor blows a hole through Goliath's chest. This is important because it shows the questionable means by which goals are met in this comic event. As well as how certain heros are not certain whether their goals are the right or just ones.

Now here is the big question who can replace these two characters. For Mr. Fantastic it is quite simple Iron Man and Ant Man can team up to build the robots so that is quite easily settled. Now for Spiderman it is a little more complex due to the fact that there are no masked heros thus far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there aren't many hero's that will debut in time to fill this role or is there?

That is right the man without fear!
That is right the man without fear!

With the Daredevil Netflix series coming out before the Captain America movie, coupled with the fact that Marvel loves to keep all of their media platforms synced with their cinematic universe, Daredevil can be a perfect substitue for Spiderman. He is currently the only Marvel hero that is going to be released that actually wears a mask and has an identity to protect. So if he is featured in the Cap movie he can have that effect of revealing his identity that Spiderman and still switch to the side he was actually a part of in the comics which is Captain America's side.


What are your opinions of the likely hood of this happening, or is it just a cool theory with no chance in Mephisto's Realm that this will happen?


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