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Assassin's Creed Unity is an upcoming historical action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is set to be released in November and December 2014 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Story And Characters Of Assassin's Creed Unity:

Arno Dorian: star of Assassin's Creed Unity
Arno Dorian: star of Assassin's Creed Unity

The main character of the game is Arno Dorian (Dan Jeannotte), a native Frenchman who was born in Versailles to an Assassin father. After his father is killed by Shay Patrick Cormac, Arno is adopted, unaware that his new family holds a senior position within the Templar Order, with his new father figure the Templar Grandmaster.Arno blames himself when his adoptive father is murdered, and so sets out on a quest of redemption that brings him into the Brotherhood of Assassins, where he slowly rises through the ranks, much like Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and Ezio Auditore as seen in previous games.Arno's love interest is a Templar named Elise De LaSerre (Catherine Bérubé), the daughter of the Templar Grandmaster who adopted Arno, who also sets out to investigate more about her father's death and its role in a growing ideological change within the Templar Order that threatens its core values.Additional characters include Marquis de Sade (Alex Ivanovici), Napoleon Bonaparte (Brent Skagford) and Maximilien de Robespierre (Bruce Dinsmore).

Arno soon starts to believe in the Assassins’ cause and what they stand for, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to blindly follow their values. He questions a lot in the process, especially since his love interest Elise, the daughter of the man who raised him, is a Templar. She and Arno both have the same goal: Discover more about the death of her father, though they have different reasons. Elise is purely driven by revenge. Arno is striving for redemption, trying to find out why the murder occurred in the first place. “One is bound by the laws of the Assassins. The other is bound by the law of the Templars,” Amancio says. “It’s an exploration of those two different ways of approaching a situation and how the closer Arno gets to Elise and her methods, the more he’ll stray from the Assassins and their methods. Ultimately, their goal is to obtain something and it’s really what each of them willing to do to reach that goal.”

Elise never lets Arno know that her family is part of the Templar Order, but when they reunite, they’re both aware they swear different allegiances and are bound by different laws. Throw in a love story between the two and it complicates matters even further. “This is something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time,” says creative director Alex Amancio. “We felt that with this generation it was a good opportunity to crank it up a notch and have a story that’s a bit more serious and more mature. Love stories are always a hard thing in video games because ultimately they can very easily become a tangent. By making Elise a Templar and making that part of the core, it’s part of the actual struggle of the character. It prevents it from becoming a B-plot or a tangent.”

Co-op Mode Of [Assassin's Creed](movie:437814) Unity:

Assassin's Creed Unity has more than its single-player story to look forward to. Its multiplayer is being revamped to include a full-blown online co-op mode, with separate missions available for two players and four players and accessible through the single-player mode.

The Unity single-player mode focuses on Arno's story, following his rise through the ranks of the Assassin order and his mission to avenge his father's death. Two-player co-op will focus on other narrative side stories of the Assassins, taking players through a different perspective of the order's activities during the French Revolution. Meanwhile, four-player co-op removes the story shackles entirely by putting four assassins in a massive Heist mode, with the idea to gain enough money and rewards to help out during the single-player campaign.

The two-player mission told the story of a master snitch named Paton, who bit off more than he could chew when he eventually stumbled onto the Templar Order. With Paton set for execution, the object was to rescue him and gain his secrets.

The four-player Heist proved to be far more chaotic. Everyone would need to work in tandem to sneak into a vast estate and find a valuable painting. The painting would be hidden randomly in any of the estate's rooms, with many fakes scattered about, as well. That meant taking out guard patrols as they strolled across their path. While smoke bombs did a lot to help hide from detection, things often went sideways for certain members of the group, requiring combat. Even if guards rushed the room, four assassins working in tandem were often enough to take them down. After finding the painting, everyone had to escape, though not necessarily together. With that in mind, everyone split up and went out separate windows, escaping the compound and bringing up the reward screen.

It should also be noted that all four members of the party must stay alive to successfully complete the heist. One member of the party dying will cause everyone to desynchronize, though there's a window to revive fallen partners. The two-player mode, on the other hand, appears more forgiving, as my partner died at one point, but simply respawned at the original point.

Co-op adds an interesting twist to the standard AC formula, especially if partners are coordinated enough to perform co-op assassinations. It's a nice distraction from the single-player story and the heists have the potential for some chaotic fun, especially when things inevitably go downhill. It's too early to tell whether these modes will have any long-lasting appeal, but they're enjoyable side modes, nonetheless.

Customization Of Assassin's Creed Unity:

For the first time, players will be able to genuinely customize their equipment, clothing, armor and weapons to specialize in one area of combat over another. Whether it’s a hood that allows players to disappear into a crowd faster, boots that lessen damage from a fall, or armor that slows in favor of durability, players now have the chance to essentially craft their class to attack a mission in unison.

The developers explains that each piece of equipment is designed to be a trade-off, meaning players will have to choose whether to attract and absorb damage, or evade it for fear of being crippled in a single blow. Unfortunately, our time with the game did not afford the opportunity to see different loadouts in action, but the fundamentals for RPG-esque specialization is there.

Those concerned that stepping into a cooperative mission alongside a horde of other Arno Dorians would break the story experience can also rest easy, as Amancio explained how the developers approached the problem – while still preserving a consistent Arno-focused narrative:

“Arno is the anchor. We only keep… you see your friends’ unique gear. You want to be able to say ‘where did you get the cool hood,’ or whatever. But then we just replace their faces, we have a database of generic Assassin faces. From your perspective, it’s a Brotherhood mission that Arno is on. Just from everyone’s perspective, they were Arno, and the others were just other Assassins. The only reason we keep the gear is because we think it’s important to be able to point out a sword and say: ‘Dude, that is an awesome sword – where did you get that?’ And say it’s this or that mission.”

Even casual gamers will recognize the signs of MMO or RPG-focused games in Amancio’s comments, and the comparison is a telling one. It remains to be seen just how the content and equipment will be spread throughout the game, but provided it isn’t concealed behind pay walls or retailer exclusives, players may spend more time competing with their friends than they do taking part in the French Revolution.

Exploring The World And Concept Art Of Assassin's Creed Unity:

Arno's story will be set in Paris on the eve of the French Revolution. The modern day setting will focus on the Assassins contacting the player and requesting their help to explore Arno in the past, as well as helping in the present. Co-operative multiplayer missions will follow the development of the Brotherhood of Assassins during the French Revolution.

In addition, "time anomalies" can be encountered throughout the city. Accessing them will take Arno to various points of Parisian history, such as its occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II.

The French landscape is a powder keg, with hundreds of civilians all filling the streets in protest. The idea is to blend in, while the French guard is busy dealing with the common folk. That offers enough of an opening to sneak into the French cathedral undetected, though the story diverges in such a way that Arno's left to his own devices.

That means there are several different ways to get through the cathedral, in what Ubisoft is referring to as 'black box' missions. There's sneaking in through any number of openings within the cathedral, there's pick-pocketing a guard to grab a key, there's picking a window lock, or there's the option of creating a diversion and slipping in through the front door.

Given the open-world ambitions, Unity's designers made its version of Paris a compelling place to hang out. They aimed for historically accurate housing styles, interiors designs, textures and atmospheric elements like smoke and mist. At the same time, the team didn't want to get bogged down in minutiae and took artistic license when needed to add drama and style.

During the Paris tour, Ubisoft stopped and compared gameplay video on a tablet to real life monuments. Many of the 3D landmarks are dramatically similar to the real deal, with the added touch of grit and atmosphere from 1790s Paris. For instance, Notre Dame is a drop-dead match to its real life doppleganger. But Ubisoft's historians learned that the Cathedral was used for stocking arms and livestock during the revolution -- so the interior is loaded with weaponry and cows.

Soundtrack Of Assassin's Creed Unity is composed by Sarah Schachner.

Checkout more concept art of Assassin's Creed Unity.

It may bear the Assassin's Creed name, but Unity is looking to be a heavier stealth game than its predecessors. It's a direction that will hopefully carry on through the entire single-player experience.

Assassin's Creed Unity is set to release on November and December 2014 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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