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For some time I had been waiting to see Robert Englund's new thriller flick 'The Last Showing', but unfortunately was put off by the many poor user reviews on IMDB. After watching the film I CAN understand why it has received poor reviews from some critics, but I think it really depends on whether or not you can look past the small flaws the film has.

So first off, I'd like to say that I thought the story line was absolutely brilliant, but perhaps could have been executed slightly better to make the most of the original idea. In short, the film follows a young couple (portrayed by Emily Berrington and Finn Jones) who find themselves trapped in a deserted cinema after a midnight screening of 'The Hills Have Eyes 2'. Trouble arises when Allie is kidnapped, and Martin has to follow the instructions set on screen by a mysterious madman (Robert Englund) in order to find her.

So the plot was pretty awesome, but unfortunately the acting was quite a let down. Robert Englund was brilliant, as he's great at portraying creepy and perhaps mentally unstable characters, but unfortunately Emily Berrington and Finn Jones were a little hard to watch at times - especially Berrington, who was acting almost as if she were in a theatre production.

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

If you can look past the poor acting, I'd say that this film is a lot of fun - the actions starts fairly early on, and it's really gripping from start to finish, so no complaints there. I was constantly guessing as to what was going to happen for the duration of the film, as the film's main plot was actually very clever.

All in all I rather enjoyed this fun thriller flick, but if I'm honest there were a couple of things that got on my nerves. First being that there was a fair bit of advertising, and it was blatantly obvious - personally I find it rather off putting when watching a film for the characters to have a very unrealistic conversation about said product, but perhaps that's just me. Secondly was the fact that the scenarios all played out perfectly, and it got rather unrealistic - for example, the couple go to see a midnight premiere of a film, and they are the ONLY ones in the theatre - which means that Stuart's (Robert Englund) plan will work just as he intended..... Let's be honest, a midnight screening would not be deserted in a big city!

So, what do I rate this film and would I recommend it? Well, as you can see I've given it 5.8 stars out of 10. I honestly believe this film deserves more than the 5/10 star rating it has on IMDB, so I've decided that 5.8/10 is a reasonably fair score. Would I recommend it? Yes, despite it's flaws, I truly believe that 'The Last Showing' is one of the most underrated indie flicks I've seen this year, and that all Robert Englund fans should give it a shot!


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