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November 8th I sat snugly in my theater chair, legs bopping up and down in anticipation for Interstellar - a duo project from brothers Christopher and Jonathan Nolan that I had already heard raving reviews about - 3 hours and 10 minutes later and I wanted to purchase a small frame for my ticket stub and mount it on my bedroom wall... What an unbelievably exciting and visually stunning film! Hats off! Round of applause!

After seeing the entirety of the film, simplifying it into a plot description seems to serve it some injustice, but nevertheless, here's how the journey goes.

The story revolves around a slowly dying planet Earth, at the mercy of severe dust storms suffocating its inhabitants. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) a former test pilot and engineer for NASA has turned to farming living with this son Tom (Timothee Chalamet) daughter Murphy (Mackenzie Foy) and his father Donald (John Lithgow). As strange anomalies and circumstances appear Cooper follows his intuition which see's his return to NASA to aid in a space exploration led by scientist Professor Brand (Michael Caine) assisted by his daughter (Anne Hathaway) and other expertise in a journey into space to try and discover another home for the human species.


Interstellar at the Oscars?!

From the very beginning you know there's magic hiding at the end, waiting to burst onto screen. Immediately Jonathan Nolan's sophisticated and cleverly witty writing is pleasantly adequate, easing you into the ride from the word go entrapping our emotions around Cooper's solid family.

All actors present in the film deliver outstanding performances, with many cameo appearances you weren't expecting, adding another intriguing quality to see great performers develop heightened, sentimental characters. McConaughey playing the lead role Cooper is flawless in his red hot performance, delivering genuine, moving emotions and an outstanding display of courage. I have sworn that if the Oscar doesn't end up on his mantle piece I'll eat my DVD player for dinner. Supporting roles from Hathaway, Caine and a young Mackenzie Foy do not fall short, and will hopefully be recognized at the ceremony also.

Another great asset to this film is the transformative and electrifying score composed by Hans Zimmer. Combined with the stunning visual affects and overwhelming evolution of the film, the soundtrack takes it to another level, striking those heart chords and creating many hair-raising moments.


Without giving away any spoilers, as it all adds to the experience, I've given Interstellar five stars without even having to think about it. A film that leaves you speechless, with the feeling that your head just can't quite come to terms with what you've seen, and that lump in your throat that can only be all described as EPIC. Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi adventure is one film that must be experienced in the cinema, to engage that 'locking out the rest of the world' effect and quickly taking its place on the 'best films in your lifetime list'.

Don't miss out!

Interstellar is in cinema's now


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