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When Robert Downey Jr. takes to social media, awesomeness tends to ensue.

It's one of those constants in life, like the moon, or gravity.

But when RDJ takes to social media to tease details of upcoming Marvel projects, and in particular ones that involve Marvel's Civil War, awesomeness doesn't so much ensue, as it does bubble over everything around it, spreading joy and bad-assery to the world.

So, when the actor took to Facebook recently, it was difficult to not get...a little over-excited. Especially when his lead in for it was "Little Cap 3 preview for you..."

And then we got...this:

Which is awesome, don't get me wrong, but something tells me that we're not actually going to see a whole lot of Cap riding Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War.

The rest of that image, though...

Could the presence of the superhero Tigra (on the left there), who had a pretty central role in Civil War in the comics, suggest that she'll be making her way to the Marvel Universe? Or, more plausibly, could her (slightly traitorous) role in the comics be set to appear in the movie, but added to an already existing character?

Well, maybe (and we can always hope), but odds are RDJ is just having a little fun with us. Y'know, seeing as his Facebook feed is home to some of the most entertaining Marvel geekery on the planet.

Like, for instance:

The Time He Made Everyone Think Spider-Man Was Joining The Avengers

After posting that image of Stan Lee and Tobey Maguire as part of that sight seeing tour of New York...

The Time He Totally Dissed Thor's Cape

Although, in fairness, Science Bros before Thunder Gods.

The Time He Clarified How Good Thor is With Technology

Though that IS how that would go down - even if it does now seem like RDJ has a beef with Thor...

The Time He Was Totally God!

And, my personal favorite:

The Time He Tried to Persuade an Interviewer That He'd Read Their Mind

All because he'd just accidentally given away a major spoiler.

And the best part of all? Those posts were all in the last month.

Because that's just how much awesome RDJ crams into 30 days.

What do you guys think, though?


Could RDJ's latest Facebook tease actually be real?

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