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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson burst onto the small screen as Kimberly Ann Hart - a.k.a. the First Major Crush for any kid just realizing girls were a thing in the '90s - and guess what? She's still AWESOME.

Since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the cast has been up to a lot of different things. Amy Jo's current project is raising money for her movie, The Space Between, which she will be directing.

Blue Ranger (David Yost) proposed that she sing on the streets of Toronto - in her freakin' Power Ranger costume - if she hit her Indiegogo cash goal for her upcoming project.

Of course, she hit that goal and she made good on the challenge - check out Amy Jo Johnson singing her heart out in her Power Rangers suit!

How cool is that? Obviously, her daughter is super proud of Mommy...

If I look as good as Amy Jo Johnson when I'm 44, I shall thank the powers that be (especially as I look nowhere near that good right now!)


Thanks to her hard work, Amy has beaten her $75,000 goal. She offered this heartfelt thanks to fans:

Thank you to everyone who came out!! Omg! You made it so fun!!
Amy JJ takes it to the streets!
Amy JJ takes it to the streets!

She's hit over $100k right now, but you can still give to her indiegogo campaign here if you wanna be part of Pink Power Ranger history!


Come on, were you a little in love with Pink Ranger as a kid?

Source: Comic Book, Instagram


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