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After Sunday's [The Walking Dead](series:201193) episode, centered mainly around our newest characters, I'm eager to get back and find out what happened with Daryl, Beth and Carol; and after latest The Talking Dead episode the intrigue has only grown.

In a sneak peek into episode 6, "Consumed," we got a glimpse of a solemn looking Daryl Dixon carrying a covered body to a fire, before an uninjured Carol appears and says "thank you."

Take a look for yourself:

So who could this mystery dead person be? It was pretty hard to figure out from the promo, especially considering the body was completely covered.

Here are the possible people I think the body could be:



Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick set this theory in motion, suggesting the body looked "Beth-sized."

While it wouldn't be completely outrageous to suggest the body is Beth's, I'm not quite sure that the directors of the show would put Beth fans through a three episode absence, give them an entire Beth episode and then have her killed off just two episodes later. It doesn't seem like good story telling to me.

More evidence against Hardwick's theory is that this scene seems to take place before Carol gets wheeled into the hospital, probably somewhere on Daryl and Carol's journey to find her. That would make it impossible for the body to be Beth's, because during this time she was busy trying to work out her hospital escape.



We were introduced to Noah in "Slab-Town," as an ally and friend to Beth in the strange and dangerous Grady Memorial Hospital. So could this shrouded body be him? Maybe. The character could have served his purpose in letting Beth know about the walled-community in Richmond, but in reality, I doubt we'll see him turn up dead so soon.

Firstly, the body looks much too short. Tyler James William, who plays Noah, is 5'8," while Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, is 5'10". If the body was Noah's it should definitely be much bigger than the one Daryl's holding.

The other reason that this is unlikely, is that the hot money is on Noah being the person in the bushes with Daryl at the end of episode 3 "Four Walls and a Roof."


A child

This is one explanation which makes perfect sense, to me anyway. The size of the body that Daryl carries is definitely around the same size as a child's, maybe one between the ages of 10 and 13, say, the same age that Lizzie was.

If it was a child's body, this probably explains why, at the end of the promo, Carol comes out and thanks Daryl. After all Carol has gone through over the last 5 seasons, first with Sophia, and then Lizzie and Mika, I think the death of a child is one of the last things that would upset her so much in this brutal, post-apocalyptic world. Carol is pretty bad ass, but the death of any child is soul crushing.


An infected mystery person

This one is another theory that might be a possibility, and is based on a quote from Glenn, way back in Season 1. In episode 5, "Wildfire," after the original group is massacred by walkers, there was a move by Morales and Daryl to burn the dead, but Glenn stops them shouting, "We don't burn them! We bury them!"

I wonder if this covered body is actually one of a mystery person - maybe a child, who was bitten and needed to be put down, and then Daryl and Carol decided to burn the body to save it from being ravaged by the elements and predators.


So what are your theories about the body, do you agree with me? Check out the whole promo video below and decide for yourself:


Whose body do you think Daryl was holding?

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