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After the image of Johnny Deep and Kevin Smith's daughters Lily-Rose and Harley Quinn was released last week, we brought you a list of celebrities who have spawned their own personal mini-me's.

But what about those celebrity parents and children who look quite unrelated, the ones where you really have to squint to see any likeness between the two? Well as it turns out, there are lots of familiar faces who have children who look quite unfamiliar!

Take a look at these celebrities and their children who look far from related:

Nicole Richie and Sparrow Madden

Nicole Richie, adopted daughter of Lionel Richie is married to Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, and while older daugher Harlow could be Nicole's double, her son, Sparrow clearly took all of his looks from the Madden side of the family.

Danny and Lucy Chet DeVito

While Danny DeVito has given us a lot in terms of hilarious movies and television shows, his daughter Lucy is probably best off that he did not pass on his unique looks, and instead just inherited his height (they're both 4"11')

Jessica Alba and Honor Warren

International sex symbol and all-around beautiful person, Jessica Alba has two gorgeous children, 6-year-old Haven and 3-year-old Honor. Though Haven bears more a resemblance to the actress, little cutie Honor looks remarkably different with her fair skin and light hair.

Chris and Abby Elliott

While this father/daughter duo might share the same line of work, both working as comedians and actors, they definitely do not share the same looks!

Suri and Tom Cruise

Even though Suri is the absolute spitting image of her mother, Katie Holmes, it doesn't seem like she bears much of a resemblance at all to her father, Tom Cruise.

Nicolas Cage and Weston Coppola Cage

Nicolas Cage and his son Weston are both in the entertainment industry, but while Nick chose to make movies, Weston opted for a more musical career, specifically black metal. But even aside from the eye liner, the 23-year-old doesn't look all that much like his famous pops, though maybe they do share the same eyebrows...


Which pair looks the most different?

Source: The Richest


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