ByDon Coonradt, writer at
Don Coonradt

Greetings! My contribution to STAR WARS legends and lore has been mydaily facebook posts. Since there were 770 days until the OPENING DAY of STAR WARS EPISODE VII, I have been challenged by my children to post a STAR WARS related item, whether it be a clip, song ,spoof, cartoon , article or picture everyday until opening day. As of today, it is 402 days until OPENING DAY and I have not missed a post nor repeated a post in 368 days straight. I keep track of my posts to prove to my children, and any other doubters of my obsession, in a loose leaf binder. It is amazing how much STAR WARS related stuff is out there. The most touching thing I have found is a touring exhibit called FEEL THE FORCE where props are brought to the blind fans so they can actually touch what they could only previously hear. I hope to hear from other fans who have expressed their love of the saga in their own unique way!


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