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For years commentators and even academics have been discussing the rise of the zombie in the political zeitgeist. It now seems it's reached such a height it is more popular than football - arguably the most popular sport in the US.

For the third time in five episodes, The Walking Dead Season 5 has beaten NFL's Sunday Night Football, the former indisputable champion of Sunday night television.

According to Deadline, The Walking Dead drew in a 7.0 rating among adults aged 18-49 - that's 11% better than Sunday Night Football's rating of 6.2. Plus, The Walking Dead isn't done yet. Once you factor in on demand viewings - in particular the live plus three and live plus seven ratings - The Walking Dead should grab an even larger lead.

If you want to talk hard numbers, then The Walking Dead drew in 8.22 million compared to football's 7.9 million. Furthermore, the football apparently lost 1.5 million viewers during the game, with many of them switching over in order to watch The Walking Dead.

It seems that if football wants to compete better, it might have to introduce undead obstacles to the playing field. Now that is something I'd watch.


The Walking Dead vs. Football. What's your favorite?

Source: Deadline


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