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So it's done, dusted and slated in - we're going to see Civil War in the MCU! Amazing news as we all know. And with Civil War comes a spate of simply badass fan posters depicting two of the greatest superheroes on earth duking it out for freedom or justice.

One piece of fan art really stood out for me and it was masterfully created by the hyper-talented DeviantArt user AndrewSS7, and if this was to be used as official marketing by Marvel, no-one would be particularly disappointed with their choice of awesomeness. I hope.

Civil War - The Poster


Oh my. Cap and Iron Man are, quite literally, amidst the heat of battle (sound of applause). Thanks, thank you. You're all too kind.

Here are the artists words on his brilliant work:

"Marvel means only one thing: the sparks are back! A lot of sparks.

"Okay, here's a teaser poster for Captain America 3 movie which is gonna be based on the Civil War event. So, we'll have a fight between Iron Man and Cap. I went for a scene where the two superheroes confront each other (No idea how they are going to show this in the movie though. Sure it will be epic).

Hope you like it!=D"

I do man, I really do! It's apocalyptic, it's intense, it literally comes across as the end of time - or an end-phase for society as we know it.

The road is cracked and disjointed, the landscape is smoke and long will it take them, these men tasked with the protection of humanity, to realize that they are, in fact, placing thousands of lives at risk by enduring this feud?

Well I guess we'll be finding out the answer to that question come May 6th, 2016! Till then, keep your eyes on the web, Cap-fans.

(Source: AndrewSS7)


What did you guys make of the poster?


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