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For too long have the world of superheroes and our own little humble rock in space been separated. I lament over my inability to scale skyscrapers with my bare hands and fire lasers out of my eyes, turn invisible, run really, really, and with these abilities, find a serene commune where I, and many other superhumans, can relocate and live outside of fear.

Well think of my unrefined joy when the X-Mansion recently appeared on Google Maps! If I had superhuman abilities, I'd blatantly teleport there and learn and stuff.

Home away from home
Home away from home

The X-Mansion, or the Xavier Institute For Higher Learning - its official name to deter the more mutant weary - is a school for young, and sometimes older, mutants that teaches them to control and master their unique abilities in an environment safe from harm. It also happens to moonlight as the top secret base for a bunch of mutant vigilantes called the X-Men, but don't tell anyone I told you that, yeah?


The "totally legit" address is found on G-Maps at Greymalkin Ln, Westchester County 1407, North Salem, NY 10560, although many different locations have been used, including Engelfield House in Berkshire, England. They get around, these X-People.


Make sure to check out the reviews if you are thinking of enrolling/enrolling your kids. With a high number of positive reviews and even a, relatively, glowing recommendation from ol' Logan himself - despite bemoaning the lack of beer. The Xavier Institute For Higher Learning seems the ideal idyll to teach your special ones how to create some good in this world. Or not...

Hats off to the guys at Google for sticking this little gag up on maps to brighten up everyone's day. Or is it clever marketing from Marvel and Fox? Who knows, but it is a treat. Hopefully we'll see some other superlairs up there in the near future...

(Source: Google Maps)


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